Using My Intel All in One During the Holidays

While I am in California for the next week, I am mostly using my Intel All in One which happens to be a Dell XPS 18 and this touch screen 18″ computer functions like a laptop and a tablet.  Because it is 18″ and fully multipoint touch screen it makes a more than fantastic portable device for watching holiday movies in the bedroom, where my wife and I can just lay in bed and watch the screen which pairs with a Bluetooth speaker perfectly as the Dell XPS 18 has Bluetooth.

For those who really want the benefit of a laptop in the form factor of a much larger tablet you will find that Intel All-in-Ones offer a really good value at being able to accomplish this, they also have WiDi which lets you beam your screen to compatible WiDi displays and display adapters, so really your AIO can beam to your primary television too.  These are versatible PC’s and playing Hearthstone on a 18″ touch screen tablet is quite fun.

I wouldn’t say it is a great gaming PC, it is passable for games, like I can play Left 4 Dead 2 with the boys, Guild Wars 2 on lowest graphics settings, but it has a hard time with frame rates on many games.  It is more of an excellent choice as a business or consumer device with versatility and portability, where you do need to transport it from room to room, or maybe have it double as a fairly perfect sized portable TV or Internet browser.

Take a look at the Intel All in One Experience and see what it’s all about, you too can become and advocate for Intel and potentially get a chance to review an Intel device.  As my readers know, I have been working on this AIO PC since last Christmas and it has served me well as a secondary PC when I am on vacation since I can’t transport my huge desktop with me whenever I travel.

I have used this Dell XPS 18 to order several Amazon gifts over the past week, as well as churn out blog posts and social media updates and more.


#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

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