UtechSmart Mercury Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

Today we kick off the giveaway officially for the UtechSmart Mercury Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, this fantastic gaming keyboard was reviewed by Iggy and has responsive keys that give you that satisfying “thwack” when you press them!

One thing I like about the keyboard is the 100% no ghosting, and each key will register without conflict which is your standard with mechanical keyboards, but this one also has the 12 dedicated multimedia keys available which some other mechanical keyboards do not have.  It really helps at least for me having volume controls tied to hotkeys on the keyboard as well as mute and other buttons.

Enter for your chance to win the UtechSmart Mercury Gaming Keyboard

UtechSmart Mercury Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

Feel free to also read Iggy’s review of the Mercury Keyboard as well as watch some videos of it below.

Make sure you take the time to thank UtechSmart for the giveaway (it is an entry) and remind them to keep partnering with Dragon Blogger for more giveaways!

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