Valorant’s Chamber Character Guide: Master of Guns

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The latest Agent to join the Valorant roster is Chamber! Fans have been wildly speculating a character by the name of Deadeye to be released with this latest update and it’s safe to assume that Deadeye is Chamber. He was supposed to be released with the Episode 3 Act 3 battle pass update but has since been delayed.

No worries, delays are oftentimes a good thing rather than a bad thing. It helps developers fix and further perfect any issues that might happen with your favorite characters or games. We all want a smooth gameplay experience right? Anyways, let’s read on to figure out what Chamber has in store for us!



Valorant's Chamber

Chamber will be a Sentinel agent in the game, which makes him a defensive expert. He was released on the 16th of November, a slight delay from original speculation. His character fits into the archetype of the gentlemanly assassin, impeccably dressed and seemingly well mannered. He’s also French, with some pretty looking guns.

A gist of what a Sentinel does is to lock down an area when on defence and set up a defensive web surrounding the spike when on offence. Other Sentinels in the game include Killjoy, Sage and Cypher.



From what we’ve gathered, here are his abilities, including his ultimate.


(E) Rendezvous

Cost: Free, as it is his signature ability.

Allows placement of two teleport anchors. Reactivate the anchor when you’re on the ground and in range in order to teleport to your other anchor. You can pick them up to reposition them however you like. There’s a 15 seconds cooldown with this ability. Note that this ability is quite loud, no stealth here.


(Q) Headhunter

Cost: 100 credits each.

Equips a heavy pistol, and you can press down on ALT FIRE to aim down sights (ADS). Each bullet is one charge of the ability and he can buy up to 8. As it is 100 credits per shot, let’s just pray you’re good at shooting. If a headshot is fired, you can easily one-shot kill a fully armoured opponent, so this makes it one of the best (if not the best) guns in the game.

This ability deals 159 headshot damage, 46 leg damage and 55 body damage at all ranges. 


(C) Trademark

Cost: 150 credits each.

Places a trap that scans for enemies and once they are in sight, the trap will change the terrain and create a lingering slow field that will force them to slow down. This will also alert Chamber of the enemies’ location, and he can hold two charges of the ability.


(X) Tour de Force (Ultimate)

Cost: 7 Ultimate Points

This activates another super powerful sniper rifle that simply kills enemies with one direct hit. You can shoot your enemies on any part of the body and they will still be dead. After killing somebody, a slow field is created that slows down anyone that enters it. This makes killing enemies or running away so much easier.


Tips & Tricks

At first glance, Chamber doesn’t look like a defensive character, but when you delve deeper into his abilities, he provides great defence for your team and he comes off as a strong character as well. 

As noted from his abilities above, Chamber is a powerful character if you are good at aiming as he requires pinpoint accuracy for some costly lethal shots. He is a gunplay reliant agent, that’s his takeaway.

Make sure to get some shooting practice in before putting him to use, so as to not waste your bullets, credits and time. Although, the availability of ADS does make him easier to use. As a character, we would consider him as one with a high risk-reward ratio as you would need to fully master his character to make the best use out of his abilities.

With the Rendezvous ability, Chamber has the potential to teleport around in order to escape or help his teammates in a pinch. With the Trademark ability, you can scope out places without even being present, so make sure to plan your routes and put them to use wisely. Chamber is looking more and more like a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

His Ultimate could be coupled with his other abilities like Rendezvous. He could easily one-shot an enemy and teleport away to a safer place. Players would just need to have the utmost confidence in their gunplay and mechanical prowess when it comes to utilizing Chamber. Otherwise, steer clear from this one.


Final Thoughts

That’s all we have in mind when it comes to Valorant’s latest agent, Chamber. He’s a unique and interesting character that would definitely be a fun and challenging agent to play. Anyways, don’t let our words affect you if you’re thinking of trying him out! He’ll bring out some great experiences for sure. Just make sure to get some Valorant Gift Cards to help you buy his character, available right here at the OffGamers site!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.