Video Games Can Make You Smarter Than You Are

Video games have a bad reputation. Most gamers have heard how “bad” they are and are encouraged by friends and family to stop playing them. Your friends and family keep on telling that you spend too much on your gaming PC that brings no benefit to you.

In short, they try to demonize video games so that you quit playing them. Most people believe that there are tons of documented studies proving how bad they are for your brain, when in fact there is little evidence to support such claims. There are some studies that actually show the opposite.

Now you can tell them that there is a good reason for playing video games because they are, in fact, beneficial to your mental health. You are getting smarter, and there is research to back it up.

Given below are a few categories or genre of video games that are the most popular. We’ll go over the benefit of each category, too.

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Puzzle-Based Games

While puzzle games might seem simple, these are some of the best options for getting smarter. When you are actively solving puzzles, your brain is figuring out ways to put things together and overcome obstacles.

They will be of great benefit in our daily lives. Therefore, the more you play the brain games or puzzle games, the harder your brain works to solve other problems you encounter in your life.

Action Games

These are the type of games that improve the mental and physical behavior of humans. One such example is First Person Shooters (FPS). A university in Netherland has confirmed this fact by publishing a research paper that states that the action-based idea games can help a person improve their brain cognitive ability.

In other words, it enhances our brain’s ability to evaluate information and improves the memory of a person.

Driving Games

It is evident from new researcher that the driving game helps in improving the brain functionality of a person. It helps them keep things in mind for long-term and helps improve their overall memory. By keeping an eye on where people are going and remembering different parts of the track, they’re able to fire up their brain.

Fast-Pace Action Games

Video games are also helping people improve their vision, as their eyes become sensitive to a variety of different color schemes. They also help improve children’s ability of learning. Playing these games are believed to be helpful for the surgeons to improve their laparoscopic skills.

As more research is done into the world of video games, we’re all bound to learn more as time goes on. So, next time, anyone lectures you about how video games are bad for your brain health, you can remind them that science says otherwise.

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