Review of the Visopix MiniTouch Keyboard Touchpad

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Our friends over at Visopix were interested in having me test out their just released MiniTouch Ivy Keyboard to see if it was worth telling my readers about, so for this article they sent me a sample version to put through it’s paces.

What is the MiniTouch Ivy Keyboard?

We are dealing with a full wireless mini keyboard that is about the size of a TV remote control!


Seriously, this thing has a full QWERTY keyboard with a little trackpad like area for moving your thumb as well as a button to reflect left and right mouse clicks.  This keyboard is fully compatible with Windows Operating Systems and many Linux Operating Systems like (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora…etc).  This controller is also compatible with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 but does not work with a Roku unfortunately.


What happens is in the bottom of the controller is a tiny USB key you plug into your PC or console.  Then the controller registers like a USB device and is 100% functional, you can use it as you would any wireless keyboard and mouse except it’s combined.


It feels very lightweight but is fully functional, the mouse track pad requires a little bit of pressure to make work but it does work considering the size of the device and the fact you get a full functional mouse and keyboard with a device the size of a cell phone.


The device has backlighting so that you can always see the keys even in the dark, and when you are on Netflix or Hulu Plus on your console you can easily type out searches for movies or shows without having to use the crude console controllers to peck out 1 letter at a time.

The Visiopix even has a laser pointer (not sure why, presenting maybe?) but I used it to entertain my dog who chased it around the room.


If you watch TV on your laptop and you want to just sit back and watch it without having to sit so close, this is the perfect device.  This also pairs EXTREMELY well with the Veebeam HD product which I have also used.

The Veebeam HD allows you to stream anything in your web browser from a PC or Laptop to your TV wirelessly, but having to be near the PC or laptop to change URL’s or pick new movies/shows to watch is a pain.  Using this Visopix Mini Wireless Keyboard allowed you to leave your laptop sitting on a shelf, while kicking back on the couch and being able to fully type out URL’s, searches and more with ease.

I had fun testing the product, my only wish is that somehow they worked with Roku to add in functionality so it could pass the IR and be compatible as a Roku remote control.  It worked very well for when I was streaming Netflix on my Xbox 360 and I was able to search for shows instantly.  All PC’s and laptops I tested recognized the device instantly and you hold it in both hands with thumbs on the keys like you would a blackberry, except it has larger keys and it is easier to type.  When using the mousepad function, you hold same way and use your right thumb as the mouse cursor and your left thumb to click the left or right mouse buttons on the left side of the pad.  It also fully integrations with Windows Media center.

For the price, this was an amazing product to review and if you are looking for a mini wireless keyboard the size of a TV remote to make watching streaming entertainment easier then the Visopix MiniTouch-Ivy is the device for you.

Click to learn more about the Mini Keyboard Touchpad from Visopix.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.