Wearable Pet Tech: 5 Small Pet Devices That Make a Big Difference

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Every pet parent wants to see their fur babies happy, healthy, and safe. That’s why they take care to choose the best food, toys, and items for their animal companions and schedule vet visits regularly.  But no matter how meticulous you are, accidents and unforeseen circumstances can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out Bivvy pet insurance and stay on the safe side. As such, it’s always best to prepare in case unexpected situations arise. These wearable tech pet devices can make a big difference in protecting your pet’s safety.

Pet Camera

Do you ever wonder what your pet gets up to when you’re not home? You can stop wondering when you let your pooch wear a portable pet camera.  Wearable pet cameras are lightweight and can be safely attached to your pet’s collar or harness. The most popular brand is the GoPro Fetch, which comes with a harness and can be connected to a smartphone through an app.

With a wearable pet camera, you can capture the world through your pet’s eyes, and perhaps, you can finally discern what goes on in your pet’s mind. Get ready to see a lot of shots of people’s double chins and things that are better left unnamed, though. You can also upload the videos taken by the camera and share all your pet’s shenanigans on the internet.

LED Safety Collar

All pet owners want to make sure that their animal companions are safe and healthy. However, no one can guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Even though they’re domesticated, pets have retained some of their wildness, so they can recklessly follow their instincts and sense without heeding their owners, which gets them in trouble sometimes.

Keep your pet safe in case they wander off by letting them wear an LED safety collar. The light-up collar will make your pet easier to spot and can very well save their life.

GPS Tracker

No one wants to experience having the pet get lost and not finding for years (or never at all). However, pet owners can’t exactly restrict their pets for their whole lives. It’s not healthy, and it will make your pet miserable.  You don’t need to severely limit your furry friend’s freedom just to keep them safe. Instead, you have them wear a pet GPS tracker so you will be able to locate them when they stray too far from home.  A pet GPS tracker is portable and can be attached to your pet’s collar or harness. The tracker connects to your smartphone through an app that shows you a map and your pet’s location.  Some trackers include advanced features, like a communication device that lets you talk to your pet from a distance and an alert mechanism so you can send a beep to signal your pet to go home.

Activity Monitor

Like people, pets need enough nutrients and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Because pets can’t talk or make the best decisions for their health, it falls on their human to make sure they get the food they need and stay active. But this isn’t exactly an easy task since you can’t keep track of what your pet is doing (and putting into their mouth) 24-7.

Fortunately, there’s a device that helps you monitor your pet’s activity to let you know if your beloved fur baby is getting enough exercise. The activity monitor keeps track of your pet’s activity levels, sleeping time, number of calories burned, and distance traveled. All through a small device worn on their collar or harness and connected to an app on your phone.

Pet-Emotion Sensor

A pet-emotion sensor works by monitoring your pet’s heart rate or tail movement to determine their “emotional temperature” or mood. As of now, there’s no pet-emotion sensor in the market, but a collar and a tail bracelet that function as pet-emotion sensors are currently being developed.  The Japanese invention BowLingual is the closest device to a pet-emotion sensor, but it was actually marketed as a dog-to-human translator.

Pet-to-Human Translator

In 2002, a Japanese toy company released a dog-to-human translator, the BowLingual, which was also called an “emotion analyzer.” The device worked by classifying dog barks into six standardized emotional categories.  However, the company itself said the device should not be taken as 100 percent accurate and should be used for entertainment purposes only. Right now, there’s still no reliable pet-to-human translation device in the market, but there are parties who have been developing the technology.

Final Word

Wearable pet tech is an emerging industry that holds a lot of promise for improving the quality of pet’s lives. Many of the existing devices are already working to make a huge difference and saving many animals’ lives. Pet tech not only useful for domesticated animals. It has also seen its use in the wild, helping keep track of endangered animals and furthering humanity’s understanding of animal behavior. There are many more pet-tech inventions that pet parents and researchers can look forward to in the future.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.