What Do You Look For in a Web Hosting Provider?

It is no surprise that I have been contacted by a lot of web hosting companies over the past few weeks and have worked with several myself over the past few months.  While my site is reaching the limits in traffic and connections I can get from a shared hosting solution I have managed to optimize my site as best as possible leveraging both a CDN(Content Delivery Network) like MaxCDN as well as using an additional caching site like Incapsula to help cache queries and other content that isn’t cached by the CDN service.  This also adds an additional layer of allowing the site to be available should the I get 500 errors on the WordPress admin due to # of SQL connections limit being reached.

I ran into a hosting company called www.Squashhost.com that I hadn’t heard of before and saw they are one of the fewer hosting companies that offer not only shared hosting (pretty inexpensive plan at that) but also offer, VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated server solutions.  Semi-Dedicated caught my eye specifically as I had not heard of this term before ever in running across hosting providers.


Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-Dedicated hosting is like sharing a dedicated server with a limited number of other users, you get more system resources, disk space than you do with a VPS but don’t have an entire physical system dedicated to your websites.  It seemed like a solution that could make sense for those who aren’t quite ready for a full dedicated solution which can cost more than $100 per month and want to stay under the $50 per month for a web hosting plan that far exceeds shared hosting.

As always I choose a hosting company where CPanel is an option and I see it is an available option for Squashhost but it does cost an additional charge per month to use CPanel instead of Hepsia or DirectAdmin (both of which I am not very familiar with).

What Do You Look for in a Web Hosting Provider?

When looking for a web hosting provider are you in the market for what is the least expensive per month?  Or are you looking for power/performance for the web server platforms you are hosting?  Do you look for CPanel specifically, Windows or Linux servers or don’t really care as long as the price is in line with your budget?

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