What Apps Can We Expect to See in the Next 3 Years?

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We all know how older generations often criticize the younger ones for using their phones too much. They are no wrong about that; yet, there is something they don’t know. Phones have become a tool that has the power to make life a whole lot easier. Not only through phone calls and texts, but through applications. Nowadays, technology has started taking wide strides in terms of software development; most apps are constantly releasing new updates and features. With that development, and the change in people’s needs, it is obvious that the market for some apps is going to reach a peak while others won’t; which has sparked some interest within us. This is why after research, we’ve come up with apps that we are most likely to see more of within the next 3 years; here it is:


1. Online Shopping Apps

Most people are now into shopping from home since, the modern life is too time-consuming for anyone to put in the time to walk around stores. More importantly, the younger age groups; which happen to compose the majority of app users, prefer shopping on apps as it can be cheaper, more convenient, and more fun. This fondness of such apps; especially, by the majority of the market begs for an increase in the supply of online shopping apps. In other words, it is expected that more and more developers, and companies will be investing time and money in releasing new apps. In fact, it is not even limited to shopping for clothes or gadgets; food shopping apps are expected to make their way into the market, as well.

2. Team Chat Apps

A while back, developers started exploring the potential of chat apps; the app category proved to be filled with areas to explore. One of those areas is team chat apps. Basically, a team chat app is, as the name suggests, an application where members of a team can chat

simultaneously, and in real time. However, several developers chose to go way past that basic function like, Slack Technologies Inc., the developing company responsible for Slack; one of the first applications designed to help work groups communicate. Within a group, you can create subdivisions, and share all kinds of files, documents, links, and images. Not only that, but you can also chat with any individual team member of your choice. Keep in mind that these features were added as the demand for team apps was still low. Now that most small businesses and companies are either using a team chat app, or looking for a suitable one to use, we can see more and more developers getting into the game of streamlining communication.


3. Task Management Apps

Like we’ve mentioned before, the modern life is too stressful and fast-paced that, it gets extremely hard to keep up with everything; without slacking in some department or another, that is. According to PixelRocket Apps, a developing company that specializes in building apps for all kinds of businesses and non-profit, staying focused on goals is one of the makes of a successful business. The importance attached to staying focused is the main reason the demand for task management apps is on the rise. Furthermore, as people understand that specialized apps are so much more professional than the simple pre-downloaded checklist application on your phone, the demand increases, too. New apps make it possible for you to create an entire project with stages, each with their own deadlines, specifications, and it doesn’t stop there. Some apps synchronize your events with a user’s google calendar or e-mail so that they are always aware of every single thing; it’s like having a personal assistant.

4. Cross-Platform Apps

These apps are among the newest in terms of dominating trends. It is more often than not that we find people working on one thing from several devices. Because the main aim of an app is to assist, it has become a requisite for users that an app should be fully compatible with all devices and operating systems. So, in the following years, it is safe to say that the market will be flooded with apps that facilitate the metaphorical commute between devices and operating systems.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it should be mentioned that the information mentioned above is based on the current trends we’ve noticed in the market. It seems that all users look for the same set of characteristics in any app: efficiency, ease of use, and compelling features. So, if you’re planning on developing an app that falls under any of the categories above, make sure that you stick to these three traits; you won’t be disappointed.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.