What is Dash Cam and How Does it Work with Your Phone?

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At some point in your journey through the wild world of the internet, you may have come across a video of someone getting into a car accident, or a police chase, and you thought about how crazy it was to see that. Well, that is because of the rising popularity and use of dash cams.

Not only do they allow us to watch insane videos of people doing crazy stuff, but they serve a lot of valuable purposes. First and foremost, you may want to know what a dash cam is, and how this can relate to you and your own phone.

So, what is a dash cam, and how can it work with your phone? Check it out.

Types of Dash Cams

Although it might seem like a dash cam comes in only one variety, there are actually a few different kinds. There are outward facing cams that are often the device used in those crazy traffic or cop videos, and then the kind that view the inside cabin of a car. Ridesharing services like Uber use these, as well as taxis. One of the most common dash cams today are the ones that are reverse or parking cameras in newer model cars, which are found on the dashboard display screen.

How are they attached?

Dash cams can be mounted on the dashboard, hung from the rear view mirror with straps or some form of attachment harness, suctioned to the interior of the windshield, or they come built into a vehicles electronic interface. In any case, there are a multitude of ways that a dash cam can be attached to a vehicle, or can be built in.

Purposes of a Dash Cam?

There are many purposes of a dash cam. The previously mentioned taxi use is to ensure that no one assaults a driver, or nothing illegal occurs during a ride. Police use these to stay accountable for their actions while on duty, and if you read more, they also have functions that help drivers maintain a credible record in the event of a car crash. For the typical uses of a dash cam, like parking and reversing in a car, the TOGUARD Backup Camera features night-vision and waterproof functions to enhance its purposes. That is often the purpose that most people associate with dash cams, to help record a commute, and in the instance of a car accident, there is indisputable video evidence to help exonerate them of any charges if the case went to court.

Dash Cam functions


Not every dash cam is built similarly, and it is evident in the functions that they have. Some dash cams, the ones that are used for personal use in the case of a car accident, have something called a “G-sensor.” This sensor ensures that a recording of a car crash does not get overwritten and saves it in a separate folder so it will not be deleted or recorded over. Other functions include wifi or bluetooth connection, which allows for wireless transfer of recordings to a computer or phone. Which means you can get access to any video content you have recorded, same with a 4G dash cam that even allows for messages.

Some dash cams are 360 degree views, some only offer 180 degree, and others come with fisheye lens, touch screen, night vision mode, and an assortment of high resolution options (1080p to 1440p).

Expanded functionality with phones

While briefly mentioned in the previous category, the function of your phone can aid the use of a dash cam. The increased functionality of a dash cams connectivity through wifi, bluetooth, and 4G allows you to wirelessly transfer files to your phone for upload or storage. You can save space on the device by storing these files somewhere safe after they have been removed from your device, onto your phone, then presumably onto a computer. The dash cam storage can range in size, and some can go up to 128GB of storage space which, while a lot, is also dependent on how much video, and what quality the video is that you are recording with this camera.

Dash cams are becoming a very popular gadget, not just because it is a cool toy that you can use for entertainment purposes, but also because it can actually save you from legal trouble. Dash cams are used by a lot of drivers, civilian or commercial, to help record their daily drive so that they can prove with objective evidence that they were in the right during an accident or an altercation. Dash cams can come in a wide range of styles, and functions, so there is one out there for anyone’s needs.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.