What you can expect from Apples iPad Air 2

We haven’t even hit 2014 yet but it looks like Apple is getting ready to launch the iPad Air 2 in the New Year. Of course this isn’t really a surprise as they seem to think they can release a second device hot on the heels of the first generation iPad Air, make minimal changes and hope that consumers will go for the upgrade.


At present, the Air shares many of its components and design with the latest iPad Mini and we hope that iPad Air 2 moves away from these similarities and offers something unique. iPad users are often Apple fans that have purchased tablets based on the performance of games enjoyed at iPhone compatible sites like iPhonecasino.ca, but with recent advancements by other tablet brands the iPad has lost a bit of traction.

The new iPad Air costs $499 so the Air 2 is expected to be a bit more expensive. There are rumors that the device will feature a display that is 12.9 inches which is a significant jump from the current 9.7 inch screen. It’s also been mentioned that the 2nd generation Air would feature a 4K resolution; almost double the current graphic spec of the existing version.

I’ve already said that I think the engineering in the iPad Air is phenomenal but Apple needs to consider making their devices a little bit cheaper in order to stay competitive in the burgeoning tablet market. If the Air 2 comes up with some awesome new technology I may change my mind, and there have been whispers of it being able to have 2 apps on screen at the same time. Other devices have tried this approach and missed the mark, so if Apple can get this right the price tag may be justified.

Enhanced image quality, zoom and stills performance have also been mentioned and improvements to the front facing camera may be imminent. Apple also has to consider how they’ll increase the iPad’s data transfer capability and a less fragile docking station may well be on the cards. The iPad Air 2 will need to pack a pretty heavy punch and Apple fans shouldn’t settle for minor updates at a higher cost, as tablet users are now able to pick up other brands with similar functionality at a fraction of the price.

I personally am hoping that the iPad Air 2 comes with 802.11ac wireless for even faster connectivity because if it does support 4k media then the file size will be massive and you will need faster wireless connections.  I personally also love the gold color of the iPhone 5S and would like to be added as a standard iPad Air 2 color choice.  I think there is no point in making tablets of 16GB or less anymore, so 64GB should be the minimum anymore with some apps being over 2GB in size (games mostly and high resolution media being larger) too.

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This article was contributed by Maxwell who loves the iPhone 5S and iPad Air as being the most easy to use phone and tablets on the market.

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