Why Are There More Video Slot Games Showing Up?

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I doubt this title is the first you have heard about online or mobile video slot games, and even if it is you probably know what a slot machine game is so that you can generally get the idea that online and mobile slot machine games sort of replicate a casino slot in that you spin a lever (or in this case tap a digital lever or button) and a wheel or multiple wheels spin revealing symbols that determine if you get a reward.  Everyday more and more people start playing these online games, this might seem difficult to believe but, if we just take a look around and see what the people next to us in the bus or subway, or even in squares are doing we may notice that they are glued to their phones and this might be a direct consequence of this.

Video slots sites are having a greater influence in the leisure industry. A few years ago, you had to move from one place to another in order to have a similar experience of what you have in these sorts of places, but now you don’t have to spend hours in traffic. It is now easier than ever to register in a web or mobile game that services any slot machine site, almost from any point in the world and start playing without any space or time limitations. This has made the audience of these places increase exponentially, and with VPN’s and proxies you can even access them from countries that don’t allow it in many cases.

What Are the Most Popular Slot Games in the Market?

According to researchers, video slot players prefer sites with appealing interfaces, also, in some cases, when the slots are themed with trendy characters. This is already one of the most popular games and it recorded a significant growth in the first months of the present 2018. If the figures continue like this, the number of users will double by the end of the year, making this game a true success in the online casino games.  This is especially true for licensed brand slots related to movies or movie characters, video game characters, comic book characters and more.  You can find slots for mobile games like Plants Vs. Zombies, to Ghostbusters, to Sex in the City type of slot machine games now.

Origins and the History of Slot Machine Games

Slot machines were created in 1887 and are still very popular despite being around for more than 130 years. The first slot machine was created by Charles Fey; he gave it the name of Liberty Bell in honor of the cracked bell of Philadelphia. Nowadays we can find a lot of virtual versions, as a fun fact for the curious minded, the first slot machine didn’t give any money, it gave instead small prizes and trifles, although now, there is a wide variety of online casino games that offer bonuses and different kind of rewards for new users and even cooler ones for senior users. You should definitely check it out for yourself if you want to have a blast with free slot games with bonus features.

The arrival of the online slots has revolutionized the concept that was built around them and the lack of betting actual money doesn’t seem to have affected the notion of it. The designers have made a huge effort in making the experience realistic enough for their users, so they won’t miss any of the features that make sitting in front of these machines. The noises in each twist, the bells that align simulating fortune’s call, they are all here in the online versions and even more features that we will let you discover for yourself once you enter to this captivating world.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.