Why Even Twitch Streamers Should Host Their Own Website

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Introduced in the year 2011, Twitch has turned into the biggest forum for gamers to connect and show off their talents. Thousands of gamers are using this live-streaming video platform to participate in different eSports competitions and share their live gaming experiences.

If you too have a passion for video games and want to become a streamer, Twitch is an ideal platform for you. However, if you want to earn some money and recognition out of your passion, you must consider hosting your own website as a Twitch Streamer.

Wondering why? Read this post until the end. We’re going to reveal some solid reasons why Twitch streamers must host their own websites and buy VPS.
So, without any further delay let’s get started!

Good Way to Make Some Additional Money

Although Twitch has over million streamers across the world, the majority of them, including Twitch’s elite, overlook creating their own website. Did you know that having a website can help you make some additional money? Yes, that is possible!

Most streamers do not own much of anything related to their streaming channel. God forbid if Twitch went offline today, what would these gaming stars do. Surely, they won’t be earning much money.

Whenever we think of Twitch stars, the first name that comes to our mind is Dr. DisRespect. And why not? He has broken numerous gaming records and set a level of quality in live video gaming streaming.

Though it’s a hypothetical scenario, just imagine that Twitch gets shut down or something bad happens in the live streaming industry, making it difficult for streamers to use the service? What would streamers do? They would have very limited opportunity to even show their existence.

As a result, every streamer must consider hosting a website right from the beginning. Having a website can bring innumerable possibilities for gamers. A website can be the next best place for streamers to migrate to. If as a streamer you have thousands of fans who watch your live game streaming, you can create your website to build your followers list.

You can add some solid content related to your streaming brand to your website and attract more followers. Once you have an established website, you can apply for Google AdSense and similar ad platforms to earn money. Affiliate marketing can be another great way to earn money through a website.

To create a successful website, you just need to buy a VPS host and a good domain name – and of course, keep creating quality and relevant content.

Boost Brand Awareness & Promote Your Streaming Channel

Undoubtedly, you don’t need a website to be a successful streamer, but you will definitely need to host a website as you grow, especially if you’re serious about brand awareness.

When you create a solid website, it gives you full control over your marketing. It allows you to create content that is interesting to your target and future audience. Remember, Google and other search engines love content that helps their visitors get helpful and relevant content. If you’re able to provide such content, Google will list your website on top of its search engine results.

Apart from this, having a website helps you track and analyze the data of your visitors. So, if as a Twitch Streamer, you want to boost your brand awareness, host a website and bring your fans to your door.

Can I Afford a Website?

The short answer to this question is yes you can!

If you can afford to stream, you can afford to host a website as well. With platforms like WordPress.org, it is easy and affordable to get a website online. WordPress itself is free to use, you just need to invest in a domain name and a reliable web hosting plan. It is advisable to look for hosting VPS server as you will be posting a lot of video content on your Twitch Streaming website.

VPS hosting is known to provide better stability, performance, and resources. Moreover, unlike a dedicated server, it doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket. You can expect to get a basic VPS hosting plan at $3.95 for a month. Some VPS hosting companies also give a free domain with their hosting plan. So, basically, you just have to pay for hosting service only.

Hosting a website on a VPS server is not difficult. All you need to do is point your domain name to the IP address of the VPS. It can be easily done by adding an “A” record for the domain name for the DNS interface of the VPS server. Any hosting company can help you with hosting a website.

Final Thoughts

Getting a website has a lot of benefits for Twitch Streamers. However, the important thing is what they do with it. We hope this article gave you helpful knowledge on the importance of hosting a website as a streamer.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.