Win a Copy of Getting Started with Paint Dot Net

Yes the title says Paint Dot Net, but of course I am talking about the free Windows painting and photo editing tool called Paint.NET which is a fantastic tool for doing image manipulation, creating graphics, logos and more.  It is nearly as robust as industry leading painting software and has a ton of plugins that further enhance its functionality.


To help encourage readers to take a look we partnered with Packt Publishing to giveaway 3 copies of their new book titled Getting Started with Paint.NET.  Now I don’t just give away anything people ask me to, so they sent me a copy so that I could go through the guide itself and see if I thought it was of value to readers.  For readers that know me, you know that Paint.NET has been my primary painting software program since 2009 and it is the only image editing tool that I use besides Google Picasa which I use only for touching up photos.

Honestly I can tell you even with me using Paint.NET for 5 years I have learned something from this book, like the union tool for joining selection areas, as well as some other tips for XOR and color replacement tricks.  It covers literally every menu and option under Paint.NET and gives you a detailed summary of what that feature is and how to use it.

It is a getting started book, and literally will get you going with anything you could want to learn the basics of every function of Paint.NET.  The book covers the Paint.NET 3.5 update 11 version and does not cover the BETA Paint.NET 4.0 release though many of the functions are similar the locations are different and there are some other options in Paint.NET 4 Beta, so make sure you are using the official release of Paint.NET 3.5 to get the most out of the book.

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Remember 3 people will win and Paint.NET is completely free, so download Paint.NET and start playing around with it now!

Let us know what interests you the most about this book and what you want to learn and do with Paint.NET!

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