Win a Kingston 120GB SSD Drive #12DaysofGiveaways

For the next giveaway in our 12 days of giveaway series we finally offer what some of the fans have been requesting and that is an SSD Drive.  Kingston Technology who partners with us to do reviews of their SSD and USB products has offered to give away a 120 GB SSDNow 300V SSD drive to one of our readers.  If you haven’t used an SSD drive before you don’t know what you are missing in terms of performance, an SSD drive makes the ultimate Windows boot drive and greatly improves your Windows start up speed, application load times and more.  For those of you who use laptops the hard drive kit comes with an easy to use Acronis True Image to help mirror your existing hard drive so that you can just replace your existing HDD drive if you don’t have a spare. 


For those of you who have a desktop system, clone your Windows OS and use the SSD drive as your Windows Boot device for maximum performance but you can also use it as your game install drive and it will improve the performance and load times of many games by leveraging the ultra fast read/write IO speeds of the SSD drive.

Enter now to win a Kingston 120GB SSD Drive

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