Win a Video Game of Your Choice – June 2020

We are back with another video game giveaway, and this time you have a chance to win Any Video Game you want that has a retail value of $60 or less.  This is one of our most popular giveaways we do here on as rather than lock people into a specific prize they can choose the prize they want to win if they are the chosen winner.  They can choose a game for their Gaming PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 it doesn’t matter which platform, you will get the game key (digital) for the game and platform of your choice.  If you live in the USA you can opt to have a physical game shipped to you if it can be ordered from Amazon and delivered, but that shipping of a physical prize is only available if the winner lives in the USA.

Some of the top games people may want to choose if they win include:

Good Luck everyone and let me know what game you would want if you won!  Note, you can’t choose a pre-order of something that isn’t released by the time this giveaway ends, so you must choose a game that has released or releases before July 7th 2020.
Win a Video Game of Your Choice

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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