Enter to Win the Samsung Odyssey G5 32 inch Gaming Monitor

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

We had a discussion a few weeks ago in the Dragon Blogger Discord channel over what should be the next prize that we giveaway after our recent Oculus Quest 2 giveaway just ended.  Conversations were heavily focused around gaming monitors that day, so it inspired me to choose a gaming monitor as the next giveaway for the fans because many people probably could use an upgrade right?  So here we are bringing you the Samsung 32-inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor as the next prize you could win.

This is a WQHD FreeSync gaming monitor that supports up to a 144Hz refresh rate, and it is a 1000R curved screen monitor.  Samsung boasts their incredibly fast 1ms grey to grey response times on this monitor a swell.  It is an HDR10 monitor to bring out better clarity and colors with deeper blacks and more detail whether you use it for playing games or watching movies.  You can always go read more details about the Odyssey G5 monitor but the main ones are that it is a 2560×1440 monitor and supports 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port input.  It also has a headphone audio jack for output.  The monitors dimensions are 5.35 x 27.96 x 17.3 inches.

Enter to win the Samsung Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G5 32-inch Gaming Monitor Giveaway

Disclosure:  This physical product will only be shipped to a USA residental address.  So if you live outside the USA and you want to receive this monitor you need to use a service like MyUS or another service which provides you with a USA address and will handle the shipping and forwarding to your country.  Winner has the option to receive $350 PayPal prize substitution option, or if they have no USA shipping address they will receive the $350 PayPal value instead.  Due to product availability or potential price fluctuations you may end up getting a substitute, and if for some reason the Samsung G5 Odyssey can’t be purchased at time of win, another 32″ 1440p gaming monitor with equal or better specs will be offered to you as an alternative.

How to maximize your odds in the Samsung Odyssey G5 Giveaway
Tip 1 – Loyalty Bonus
There is a Twitch Loyalty bonus you can redeem unlimited times for extra entries, all you have to do is tune into our streams at https://www.twitch.tv/dragonbloggers and watch our streams when they are live to collect loyalty rewards.  Here is a little tip, you can literally  just leave a browser open, refresh (don’t mute sound) and let it earn those points for you even if you are busy and don’t have time to watch the stream.  Another trick to get a small smack of bonus points is to tip at least 1 bit in a month, just 1 bit tip (1 cent) gives you +350 dragon eggs, and you can do this 1x per month.  Followers and subs earn bonus loyalty point accrual as well.
Tip 2 – Secret Code Words
We have a secret code word in the Spin To Win game as a prize reward, this will give you +50 entries in the giveaway.  If you aren’t lucky and don’t win it by the last day of the month or so, you can still redeem this same codeword from our cloudbot loyalty with gems, this is the 2nd currency type you earn by watching our Twitch channel and separate from the Dragon Eggs, you earn both at the same time, so watching our streams really increases your odds, this is the channel we are putting all our effort into currently and why we are giving so many extra bonuses for Twitch viewers.
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Tip 3 – Refer a Friend Option
The refer a friend option is the easiest way to earn massive amount of bonus entries all you need to do is copy your refer URL from the Gleam giveaway and share it on social media, reddit, or any place you are active.  Use hashtags like #sweepstakes, #giveaway #dragonblogger, #oculusquest2 and #win to help increase exposure and odds of your links being clicked.  The refer a friend option helps us get more exposure to new potential fans and audiences, and you can even write a blog post yourself and use your referral link for people to enter. 82% of past winners used refer-a-friend entries even if that specific entry wasn’t the winning entry it dramatically boosted their odds.  Even if you are someone who doesn’t use mainstream social media, you can share links with emails, friends, post in classifieds on free online sites and more.   Each person who enters gets their own “custom” refer a friend URL, so make sure you get yours and only share yours so you can get the bonus entries.  Where do you share?  Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Tiktok and any socials where you can have a clickable or copyable link and can get credit from the referral entry.
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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.