Introducing xFyro ANC Pro : The AI-Powered Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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A while ago, I reviewed the Aria TWS earbuds from xFyro, and I enjoyed using them as my daily driver for a good amount of time. In October of 2020, xFyro announced the xFyro ANC Pro, their latest pair of truly wireless earbuds equipped with AI-powered noise cancelling. In this article, we will be having a quick look at what these earbuds have to offer.

xFyro ANC Pro Features To Look Out For

AI-Powered Noise Cancelation

The main talking point about these earbuds is definitely the AI-powered noise cancellation. This feature is super useful to the people who often commute daily while listening to tunes on their earbuds. As a responsible citizen, one should avoid using active noise cancellation while commuting as you are not aware of what is going on in your surroundings. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. With artificial intelligence, xFyro ANC Pro can distinguish over 6000 different sounds and categorize them into levels of importance. The AI will then decide which sound to cancel out and which sound to pass through into your ears. This will help the user be aware of their surroundings and be a responsible citizen.

When you are not outside and are in a safe environment, you can turn off the AI mode and switch to the standard ANC mode to enjoy complete silence. The ANC technology on these earbuds offers 30dB of noise cancellation, which is 50% more powerful than the Apple Airpods Pro. You can simply turn off ANC on the occasion that you want to save some battery, or don’t want to have any noise cancellation.

Design and Fit

The earbuds are engineered by ergonomics experts, so you can expect some comfortable earbuds. The buds are designed in a way that it fits properly inside the ear canals and don’t slip off easily. The packaging comes with three sizes of ear tips so that you can change it depending on your ear size. The buds have touch controls for calling functionality and media controls such as pause/play, previous/next track and volume up and down. There is an LED  indicator on the top to indicate when the device is charging or in pairing mode. The bottom side of the earbuds has magnetic points for charging. This also keeps the earbuds locked in one place so that they don’t fall off from the case. The charging case has a type-c port which is good riddance from the old micro USB port.

Battery Performance

xFyro ANC Pro is packed with a stunning battery life of 100-hours, eliminating the need to charge the earbuds after every use. The earbuds alone have a playback time of 10 hours per charge while the charging case provides the earbuds with another 90 hours of juice. With active noise cancellation or transparency mode enabled, you can still expect around 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. The earbud features type-c fast charging and charges the earbuds to 50% in just 15 minutes while charging the case takes about 2 hours.

Graphene Drivers

Many have started switching to graphene drivers. Graphene is 200x stronger and much lighter than steel. It lowers distortion, increases bandwidth, and produces much better sound. The xFyro ANC Pro comes with 7mm graphene drivers 40% larger than most TWS earbuds. This means that the listener can expect a loud and clear music experience.


The xFyro ANC Pro is IPX5 certified, which makes it water-resistant, dust resistant, and shockproof. This eliminates the worry of it getting damaged by water. You can easily wear the earbuds in the rain, shower, and even while swimming.

Bluetooth Connectivity

xFyro ANC Pro comes with the standard and latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a broader range of up to 30 feet and more robust connectivity than previous Bluetooth versions. It also eliminated any latency issues, which provides zero audio video lag that is usually noticeable while playing media via Bluetooth.

Final Thoughts

xFyro has been in the game for quite some time now. With the launch of the new xFyro ANC Pro Pro earbuds, xFyro keeps stepping up their game. I am a massive fan of the AI-powered ANC technology that automatically cancels out the unnecessary noise and only allows important sounds to pass through. Other features such as graphene speakers, 100-hour battery life, ergonomic fit, and IPX5 water resistance make these TWS earbuds quite irresistible. The current pricing of $125 is a bang for the buck for an active noise cancelling earbud.  If you are interested in getting a pair of xFyro ANC Pro Pro earbuds, click here.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.