Windale 6 CPU Air Cooler Review

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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be offered to test and review a new CPU cooler. This was made by our friends over at FSP. This is their Windale 6 cooler. Now, the cooler could not have come at a better time due to my wife’s PC running a little warm when rendering videos. The package is black in color with the picture of the product. It has some specs on the back. Let me show you the package before we get into what’s in the box.

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FSP Windale 6 Package Contents

Inside the package, you get several items. The cooler itself and you get Intel and AMD mounting brackets. You also get the fan, mounting screws and rubber fan inserts to mount the fan to the cooler. Finally, you get some thermal paste and instruction manual as well.



Screws and mounting hardware!

 Instruction Manual and Fan!

As you can see you get everything you need to mount to almost any Motherboard to cool your CPU. Inside the screws and mounting hardware, you get both AMD and Intel mounting hardware. Let me show you both laid out together.

I will only be using the AMD mounting hardware.  This will be done using 4 plastic screw heads, 6 screws, 3 metal brackets. 4 rubber fan connectors, one plastic back plate,  one fan and the cooler. Let me show you those pieces by themselves.  Now that you have already seen the cooler and the fan so this will just be the mounting pieces.

The two small metal brackets are labeled AMD.

Mounting The Fan To The FSP Windale 6 Cooler!

Mounting the fan to the FSP Windale 6 cooler is very easy and simple. You will need four of the rubber mounts, the cooler and the fan. You place the rubber pieces either through the fan or connect them to the cooler. If you go the route I did you pull the rubber pieces through the fan, then you slide the pieces into the cooler. If you go the other route you place the four rubber mounts in the cooler slot then pull each piece through the fan.  Either way it simple and should be done once the cooler is mounted to the motherboard.


As you see in the photos I showed you how before it was placed in the PC. You will also see the two yellow circles on the middle photo, this is where you place the mounts on the cooler. The brand does suggest that you cut the ends of the rubber mounts once it is pulled through your fan.

Now I didn’t have to since I had enough room in my case. I did this just in case I wanted to remove it and put in a different cooler later so I can reuse it again. You do have the option to add another fan on the other side but you will need to find another place to plug in the fan. One thing to remember when placing the fan is that you will need to follow the air flow arrows. These can be found on the fan itself. I will circle those in yellow in the next photo.

Mounting The FSP Windale 6 Cooler To The Motherboard!

When connecting the FSP Windale 6 to your AMD socket boards you will need to install the back plate first. This will be done with the four long screws the plastic back plate and 4 plastic spacer nuts. You stick the back plate on the slide the screw through the back side. While doing that you will then screw on the four plastic nuts. You won’t need any tools for this part. Remember the nuts are plastic so hand tighten them and don’t over tighten them or they will strip. Let me show you the back side of the motherboard with this installed.

As you can see it is simple and easy on that part. Next, you will need the two metal AMD brackets. You will set one bracket on the upper two screws that you just set the plastic nuts on and one on the lower. Once you place them on you can then use the metal nuts to screw on the ends of the screw shafts to tighten. This can be done with a screw driver to make sure it’s snug. Now like before don’t go over board on tightening it or you may damage your motherboard or plastic back plate.

As you can see the metal brackets are installed. (Please ignore the thermal paste still on the CPU. I did not clean it just yet at this point of the install.)

From here you will clean the CPU with some high purity alcohol. Then you will need to place a pea sized drop of thermal paste that is included in the kit. Or some of the stuff you already have if you have some other thermal paste. I used what was in the kit. You will then remove the plastic sheet off the bottom of the FSP Windale 6 cooler as seen in the next photo.

Plastic Label That needs to be Removed!

Once the plastic sheet is on you will slide the longer metal bracket that you did not use inside the FSP Windale 6 cooler. There are two little metal tabs that will let it sit in place on the cooler. I will show you that piece and circle the tabs in yellow for you. I will also circle in red where you will place to two last screws on this same bracket.

You will then proceed to place to FSP Windale 6 in place over the CPU while trying to line up the screw with the screw holes on the bracket. Let me show you the holes you will be screwing into.

Remember when tightening to make it snug but not overly tight is the key. Once that is done you can place the fan on the cooler. Then you will plug the fan into the CPU fan header. The fan header is circled in yellow for you.

CPU Fan Header!

The next photo shows it installed. I would have loved to show you a photo of the screws in place but was no room to get the camera in that view.

Finale Thoughts On The Windale 6 CPU Cooler!

The FSP Windale 6 CPU cooler is a nice piece to add to your computer set up. Very easy to install and it comes with all the pieces for Intel and AMD CPU’s. It is compatible with almost all CPU’s on the market.  It has 6 nice heat pipes to dissipate the heat for cooling. The Windale 6 also comes in a nice color that can match with most builds. You can add a second fan if you need to as well if one fan is not cooling your PC down enough.  Just remember that you will need to find another fan header to plug that fan in.

Before adding this set up to my build my PC was sitting at around 74c. Which is not that good on any computer. After adding this set up my computer is sitting at around My PC is sitting at around 43c. Now I think  I can drop the temps a little more if I clean my front fans on my case but I think this change alone has made a very good improvement.

I would love to see them swap out the plastic spacer nuts for a more reliable spacer nut since the plastic can strip so easy. This is why I scored the FSP Windale 6 cooler a 4.5 star instead of 5 stars.

When all said and done it is a nice cooler for a cheap price. At this time you can grab one for around 39$ on Amazon.

Disclaimer: FSP sent me their Windale 6 Black CPU cooler to test and review. All opinions are mine and mine alone!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.