Make Windows 7 Startup Faster with MSConfig

I see many people ask how to speed up Windows Operating System or improve Windows start up times and have to tell you that nothing bugs me more than all these applications that inject “auto updates” or monitors that run when you start your Windows operating system. You could download and install various freeware or paid programs to cleanup your Windows start programs but you can also do it with the default MSConfig utility which exists in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The MSConfig utility lets you scroll through all of your startup programs and disable the ones that you don’t need to start when Windows boots.

Here is my video tutorial on how to trim your Windows 7 Startup Programs:

Your Windows OS will load faster and you may see better performance overall as less programs load and have to consume memory and CPU space. You only need a handful of startup programs and I do recommend you keep your Firewall, Antivirus and other security programs always running at boot. Most other startup programs will check for updates when you load the program you need so there is no reason to run it as a startup program.

-Dragon Blogger

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