Windows 7 Tips: Select Default Boot OS and Boot Menu Timeout


Windows 7
Windows 7

Do you have multiple installations of Windows 7 on your computer? Do you have to select the old installation most of the time before timeout?

In this post we shall learn how to quickly change the default Windows 7 Operating System installation to boot when there are multiple instances on the computer. We shall also learn how to easily change the boot OS selection menu timeout from within Windows 7.


How to Change Default Windows 7 OS to Boot Into


Step 1 – Open System Configuration Window

Go to Start Menu and in the search box enter:

“msconfig.exe” and press Enter or Return.


Open Windows Explorer or simply any folder or Computer and enter in the address bar:


and press Enter or Return.


Step 2 – Open Boot Tab and Change the Default OS

When you open “msconfig.exe” also known as the System Configuration Window, the “General” tab opens by default. Now you need to go to the “Boot” tab to change the default OS.

In the “Boot” tab, you can see a list of the installed Windows 7 instances, in the following format:

Name of OS (Drive 1):Current OS;Default OS


Name of OS (Drive 2):Current OS

Name of OS (Drive 3):Default OS

If the settings are same as what you want, don’t change anything. However, if you wish to change the default OS drive to another drive you need to click on that option and then on the “Set as default” button.

Now click on OK or Apply to save the settings.


How to Set the Timeout for Boot OS Menu Selection

If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, you must have noticed that by default you get 30 seconds to choose the OS you want to boot into while restarting or simply starting the computer after shutdown. If you wish you can very quickly and easily change this “timeout” time.

In the “Boot” tab of the System Configuration Window, there is a box with the “Timeout” in seconds. Change to the desired value and click on Apply or OK to save the settings.


Please let us know whether you found the above-mentioned tips useful.

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