Windows Mobility Center Shortcut – Windows 7 Tips

Windows+X is a relatively unknown though quite useful shortcut for Windows 7 users with Laptops and Netbooks. It’s a single combination shortcut to the Windows Mobility Center. You get direct access to the Screen Display Brightness Control, Audio/Volume Control, Battery Status and Power Plan Selection, External Display Selection, Windows Sync Center Settings and Presention Mode Control. Let us take a look at the individual usefulness of each of these Controls.

Windows Mobility Center

Screen Display Brightness Control:

Usually the screen display brightness should be set as low as possible in order to minimize glare, which puts strain on the eyes when you are using the computer for long periods of time. However, when watching videos or low-intensity photographs it is more comfortable when you raise the screen display brightness. You might also want to adjust screen brightness when switching between battery power and external source. Thus, having quick and easy access to brightness control settings can be quite handy.

Audio/Volume Control:

Needless to say, the recorded audio intensity of one file may be highly different from another, making it necessary to adjust the playback volume several times a day. Wouldn’t it be great to have quick access to the volume control panel without cluttering up the taskbar?

Battery Status and Power Plan Selection:

On mobile PCs (Notebooks and Netbooks), most people find it useful to know how much longer the battery is going to last. You can either add the button to your taskbar, or access the Windows Mobility Center. The second method will also give you the option to quickly switch between Power Modes in order to increase performance, save battery power or balance the two.

External Display Selection:

In case you have more than one display device/monitor connected to your computer and want to switch between them frequently, accessing the selection menu from the Windows Mobility Center might save you some time. This might be useful essentially during presentations.

Windows Sync Center Settings:

Windows Sync is a great way to collaborate and share file between Windows 7 users, and you can access the settings menu using the simple Windows+X key combination. Though relatively unused by most people, it can be quite nifty in offices.

Presentation Mode Control:

Especially for students and office workers, the presentation mode on Windows 7 can also be accessed quickly through Windows Mobility Center. You can turn it on by a single button click!

Try out the amazing Windows shortcut and share your experiences!

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