Wireless gaming headphones? Check out the EKSA E1

Are you looking for good-quality headphones that are also available at an affordable price?

Choosing a good headset to enjoy a long gaming session is always a problem for most players. Often the catalog of headphones is extensive, in addition, there are a large number of manufacturers, so choosing the right one is not always an easy task. Another common problem for gamers is that gaming headsets are often too expensive and unless you’re a discerning gamer it’s not worth spending that much money on a headset, so you can find good quality headphones available at an affordable price.

A great option to consider is the EKSA® E1 headphones. These are headphones with interesting features, so you can enjoy long gaming sessions, and they also offer a good sound. Best of all, you can take advantage of the discount on the official website and take them with an incredible 66% discount, so instead of paying $44.99 you can get them for only $13.99. Remember that this offer will only be available for a limited time, so do not miss this opportunity. Before you buy them, you would surely like to know the features of these headphones, so find out below.

Features of the EKSA® E1 wireless headphones

The EKSA® E1 wireless headphones are a great option to consider if you’re looking to get quality, but without spending a lot of money. The main feature of these headphones is that they work with Bluetooth 5.0, which will offer you a stable connection at all times, unlike most headphones that are often disconnected. The Bluetooth connection will allow you to use the headphones for up to 24 hours at a time without having to charge them thanks to the 450mAh battery. These headphones not only work with Bluetooth, but you can also use them with the included 3.5mm cable, so you’ll be able to listen to music and play games without needing to charge them. These headphones include easy-to-use controllers, this will allow you to be able to turn additional functions on and off. Another feature of these headphones is the quality of the bass, so you will be able to listen to the music with better quality. You can improve the bass by activating the SuperEQ button on the headphones (you will need to press it for 3 seconds), with this function the quality of the bass will improve significantly, you can also press the button once to activate Siri in case of connecting it with your iPhone. The high sound quality is achieved thanks to the 50 mm dynamic driver, this will allow you to reduce outside noises and get a clear sound at all times. The EKSA® E1 headphones also include a microphone. Inside the box, you can find everything you need to use immediately (including the charging cable and 3.5 mm cable). If you are within the United States, you will be able to get fast shipping of 3 to 7 business days, but they also offer cheap shipping for all countries.


The EKSA® E1 wireless headphones are certainly a great option to consider, especially if you take advantage of the 66% discount, so for only $13.99 they will be a great deal that you can not miss. They are good headphones that will work well on the computer and on mobile devices.

You can buy this item here: EKSA® E1 Bluetooth & Wired Headphones

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