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Wondershare has partnered with Dragon Blogger to giveaway their amazing Video Converter Ultimate Software.  This software which a few of use on the team use is ideal for converting any of your media files to other formats, particularly if you are looking to convert large media files into smaller mobile sized video files that you can take with you on the go. Iggy did a detailed review of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and you will find one of the entry options in the giveaway is to visit that review and leave a comment after reading it, so I won’t post the link here only to have you click on it twice.

Meanwhile, this software I personally use to convert AVI, MKV and other files to more friendly MP4 formats.  I specifically use it to help convert my more than 200 backed up DVD files to files I can put on USB sticks or Android devices to make it easy to just load movies on my kids tablet and such for long road trips where they won’t have access to Internet/Wi-Fi or streaming but I want them to have a fair amount of media content to keep them occupied.

I also have had to use this software to convert some files into formats that Camtasia Studio can handle a bit better, including converting .MOV files to .MP4 for example which Camtasia doesn’t handle so well for me.  One thing this software can do as well is strip out the MP3 audio out of any video file, this allows you to build sound tracks, strip out music…etc.  A long time ago I used to use this to create “audiobooks” kind of out of movies where you can just listen to them complete with entire soundtrack, scenes…etc. and use your imagination to create the scenes in your mind.  I did this for my kids so instead of seeing “screen” time at night, they could listen and let their mind/imagination create the imagery around what they were hearing.  It is actually a really fun thing to do, and if you haven’t done it, try it sometime it is highly recommended.  The movie Legend was my favorite movie to just listen to the entire film as an audio mp3 soundtrack for example.

You can also download files from YouTube Channels and convert those YouTube vids to any video format as well, I did this to create the Minecraft Parody series of videos for my kids to watch on their Kindle Fire’s as well a year or so back.

Bottom line, if you need to take 1 media format and convert it to another media format, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is your one stop shop for any of your media converting needs.   You can also try it for free to see how you like it while you wait to see if you can win a copy.  5 winner’s will be chosen, so your chances are good with the more entries that you do.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Giveaway

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