WordPress Ajax Edit Comments Plugin Review

I had run across the Ajax Edit Comments plugin while reading and commenting on Creative Copy Challenge blog and I had asked the author more about the plugin he was using.  I had numerous readers ask me to install a plugin that would let them edit their comments after they left them.  Ajax Edit Comments seemed like a good choice and at $5 for the standalone plugin the features justified the price easily in my opinion.  So I installed the plugin and started configuring it so that anonymous users and registered users can have up to 5 minutes to edit and modify their comments.

Setup and configuration is easy, you can pretty much leave the out of box settings or if you want to dive deeper there are dozens of settings you can configure.


One I did allow is for users to update and edit their username and email in case they wanted to change the keywords they were using or email to a different gravatar email.  I also have comment editing enabled in the administrative panel for easy comment updates without having to keep going into the comment editor section of the WordPress dashboard.


So now with Ajax Edit Comments enabled, readers who leave a comment will see a little section under their comment giving them the option to edit or request a deletion of their comment.  You have 5 minutes so you can’t go back and edit comments after a certain time period, this prevents people from abusing keyword links and such in older comments.  I also enabled a little affiliate plug for the Ajax Edit Comment plugin to see if it helps bring in some passive income from others who may be interested in using it as a solution to their comment needs.


Once you click on Edit a clean popup shows up allowing you to make changes, spell check and expand the comment window.  This is a really clean interface and is fast, it caused no performance impact on my blog that I can determine and helped offer out readers a way to update their comments in case they made typo’s they wanted to fix.


At this time I can highly recommend the Ajax Edit Comments plugin for WordPress, and though it isn’t free you can purchase a standalone version for $5 but this comes with no upgrades and I only purchased this version to test the plugin.  I highly recommend the $15 annual 1 site license with full support and free upgrades, or if you have more than 1 site they offer a 5 site license for $35 per year or an unlimited license for $89.  Note the unlimited license is the best choice if you run multiple blogs and you have unlimited upgrades, no yearly fee and unlimited support if you need assistance.  Ajax Edit Comments is worth the unlimited development license if you have more than 3 blogs and don’t want to pay an annual maintenance.


-Dragon Blogger

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