WordPress Plugin: Extended Admin Post Filter

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Now that DragonBlogger.com is a multi author blog I needed a way to easily filter my writers posts in the WordPress post editor.  By default WordPress allows you to filter by category and date, but there is no way to filter posts by author in the edit.php screen.


This is where the Extended Admin Post Filter came in, it offered exactly what I was looking for by enhancing the WordPress Post Editor screen to allow you to filter based on post authors.


One problem unfortunately was discovered!

When the plugin is installed and activated any WordPress account that is a contributor is unable to edit or see their own draft posts after they save them, they don’t have any ability to see draft posts for themselves once they leave the editor screen.  This problem only exists for contributor and author accounts and not for the Admin account. So they save their article and come back to it later and were informing me they were unable to find their original article anymore.

I had to disable the plugin and immediately all access to a contributor draft post was restored, I went to the plugin site and found the author as of July 2010 was no longer supporting the Extended Admin Post Filter plugin.  I have checked and can find no other plugin that offers the same functionality in the WordPress Extend archives, so I am stuck manually building links to look at each authors post manually.

This can be done by using the following link formula.

Click on  your “Users” section of your WordPress dashboard and find out what “ID number belongs to the user.  This can be done by hovering over the user name and looking at the link at the bottom of the screen (or copy/paste the link and look for user_id=##).


Example would be when I hover over Damien Riley, I see this URL:


This shows me that his user_id is 26, so if I want to see all posts by Damien Riley in my WordPress Post Editor screen, I would just cut/paste the following:


Just replace author=## with the user_id for your own user to see a listing of all there posts.

To further drill and filter down the list, if I wanted to find all posts that author had written for a specific month I would do this:


just have &m=yyyymm format to choose which year/month you want to display.

so January 2011 would be &m=201101 for example.

So what I did for my sake was build all of my writers into an excel spreadsheet and have a URL for the edit screen for all writers, I then cut/paste the URL and just manually change the date range to match what I am looking for.

Still, a plugin would be easier and I am hoping one eventually gets created Joost De Valk from Yoast could probably writes something real quick.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.