WordPress Plugin: Better Recent Drafts

As a WordPress blogger who has hired writers as well as allows guest blogging I no longer found it enough to just rely on the default “recent drafts” in the WordPress dashboard.  By default WordPress will only show you your own “recent drafts” and this prevents you from seeing the drafts in your guest blogging queue (unless they are pending publication…etc).

Well, a free WordPress plugin called Better Recent Drafts is exactly what it says it is, better recent drafts listed on your WordPress dashboard.


Now your Recent Drafts on your WordPress dashboard shows all recent drafts including the last edited time and who the author was who last edited the draft.  This allows me to see who is working on what recently at a glance and see if any new drafts come in from My Blog Guest for example.

If you use My Blog Guest and set it up to post drafts directly to your WordPress blog, they don’t get set to “Pending Review” so it is almost essential to have Better Recent Drafts to see the recent drafts instantly and easily right from your WordPress dashboard.

Bottom line if you allow guest posts or need to have instant access to seeing recent drafts from other authors on your dashboard, this plugin rocks.

Download Better Recent Drafts from the WordPress Plugin Depot, it is free.

-Dragon Blogger

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