Write! is a Simplistic No-Nonsense Notepad Application

Write is a very simplistic note pad like editor so you can focus on just doing writing without distraction.

It doesn’t allow for any images to be inserted though if you try and copy/paste an image it will create the link to a file.

You can turn text into Hyperlinks using the right mouse button and typing in the hyperlink, which for me is a little slower than clicking control K in writer or Word and entering notepad, because I don’t want to have to use the mouse while I am typing, I just want to use the keyboard while touch typing without having to take my fingers off the keys to go and use the mouse. It does have some auto word completion based on previous words you typed in the article. This means it will suggest words you have already typed so that you can save time and just select your previously typed word which is a nice feature but when you touch type like I do I can type faster than it can present and me select the word, as I often of the word finished before I noticed it finished the word for me so I should just enter while the word isn’t completed and let it finish. Here is what this post looks like in the Write interface before I cut/paste it into WordPress post editor.

Overall the interface is very easy to use, stylish and very quick. It has autosave capability, bevy of customizable options for shortcuts but again you can’t turn the hyperlink into a keyboard shortcut and is the only one that must be right click and type hyperlink.

I am hoping as it approaches full release they will expand to include inline image pasting, and possibly some alignment like center, left, right align for paragraphs, text, and if they support images.

I like the tabs however, and the text editing gives you more styling of text than something like NotePad++ where you can BOLD, Underline, Italicize or even STRIKETHROUGH and it easily allows you to uppercase or lowercase selections of text as well.

You notice that BOLD, Underline, Italicize, STRIKETHROUGH didn’t survive through the cut/paste into WordPress post editor.  Though the hyperlink did, this to me somewhat makes it not a very efficient notepad application if you intend to cut/paste your writing into WordPress as you would lose all formatting, you also don’t have center, left, right align and some other features that make posting those notes into a CMS platform easier.

If you are fancying a new text editor or notepad like application, then feel free to give Write a try!  I think it is better than notepad, wordpad and you can format paragraphs better than Notepad++ with styling, but without the ability to paste and keep that formatting intact into the WordPress post editor it is limited to use the content and keep original format for blog posts.

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