How to Lock a Door the Advanced Way: Welock Fingerprint Door Lock

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I bet you like locks. I bet you really like locking your door. I bet you really super-duper like being the only one to unlock your door and get into your house. Sorry, am I making you afraid for your own home security? That’s okay. Maybe you should invest in Welock’s Fingerprint Door Lock. That way, you’ll be the only one allowed in your house (through the front door, anyways)!

Jokes aside, the 3rd-Generation less-than 0.3 second unlocking mechanism included in the device will make your heart rest easy when dealing with those pesky criminals who stalk you late at night. When you need the cover of your 3-inch kevlar bullet-proof walls, you can rely on Welock’s Fingerprint Door Lock to make sure that you return safely from your previously unknown life of mafia warfare with this product’s auto-lock feature after 10-99 seconds in case your rival mafia family members decide to pull something tricky. But don’t worry, when you’re not there, you have the power of safety on your side!

When you’re away, and your capo needs into your house for your weekly dues, you can just unlock the door with a tap of a button on your phone using the Welock App. Don’t worry about going all the way back home when you can enjoy the luxury cruise of a lifetime on your “family-funded” Bahama Breakaway!

Suspicious suspects? Heck no! You have the power of monitoring your safe house from anywhere on the globe. No more worrying about your gun safe being accessed by black market thieves: You can monitor who goes in and who goes out, if you’ve got multiple “family members” on your approved list of fingerprints.

Don’t want to set up fingerprints or make yourself known when doing certain fun activities such as borrowing things and escorting people into your house (which are illegal, both not allowed and okay or endorsed without consent)? That’s great! You can set up an RFID card and be anonymous during your extracurricular activities. Plus, you can give your card to friends so they can join in on the fun too – then everyone’s happy! Party time, am I right? If you don’t trust someone with your RFID card, then just give them a virtual key that expires after a certain time. I’m sure there’s an option in there somewhere to disable the keys automatically as well. Speaking of virtual stuff, what about the data stored in the ether?

If you’re scared of those nasty, nasty crime syndicate data-scavengers getting into your precious cloud data, guess what? All data is stored directly on your device. Ha! Take that, criminal scum! One of the best things about this locking device is that you don’t even have to change its batteries for a whole g-dang gosh-darn goody-gumdrops year! With 4 AA-Batteries, you’re covered for a whole dang 365 days, dog-gone-it! Now that’s what I call living easy. Just make sure you hide some batteries in your “family-commissioned” safe. I mean, battery box. Yeah, that’s it.

Has someone broken into your home and you want to give them a little surprise? Is someone meant to be in your home and you just want to throw them a little surprise party, and you even invited the guests outside? Are these guests also part of your extended… family? That’s even better: Let Silent Mode take care of unlocking your house so that your beloved – completely and not suspiciously non-violent – guests can enter the house and play catch with a bunch of small, fun-sized extremely fast metal balls! It’s like playing dodgeball, but even better.

Maybe you just want to be quiet while people are sleeping in your house. That might be more reasonable. That works too. Silent Mode won’t wake them – but your heavy footsteps from carrying all the items you borrowed during the night will, though.

When you’re running low on funds, and your capo is being an absolute jerk and a half because he wants more money from your precious bank account, make amends with the money you would have spent on shipping costs with Welock’s free shipping and returns policy on this Fingerprint Door Lock specifically. Even better is a limited-time discount code “GET20” for 20% off. Who knows when it’ll expire? Get one today. It might just suit you.

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Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment and marketing purposes only, and I personally hope you got a laugh or two, while also being informed of an interesting product. Illegal activities are not endorsed and not encouraged whatsoever. Real criminals are imprisoned every day. Do not break the law.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.