20 Motivational & Inspirational Quotes About Technology

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Since the dawn of time, society has been a direct reflection of human innovation and invention. From fire to the wheel, to the hammer and the printing press, technology has been at the forefront of how we express ourselves and how we live our lives.

Today, with innovations such as artificial intelligence to virtual reality, technology has taken on a whole new meaning where some people feel optimistic towards our future and the ability for these inventions to solve many problems. While others have taken a more bleak perspective believing that these creations will be the undoing of the human era on this planet.

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Whatever boat you may be on, the fact remains that technology has played a vital and pivotal role in our lives and will continue to shape the fabric of society. One thing is certain, all innovations are neutral and it is up to humans to decide what it means and how it is used.

Here are 20 motivational and inspirational quotes about technology that will spark your imagination and get you to think about the direction of our world:

  1. The human spirit must prevail over technology. – Albert Einstein
  1. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. – Edward Teller
  1. Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke
  1. Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. – Daniel Bell
  1. I think technology really increased human ability. But technology cannot produce compassion. — Dalai Lama
  1. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner. – Omar N. Bradley
  1. Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act. – Sukant Ratnakar
  1. What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done. – Tim O’Reilly
  1. Technology is best when it brings people together. – Matt Mullenweg
  1. Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. –Arthur M. Schlesinger
  1. Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. – Mitchell Kapor
  1. Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable. – Joseph Krutch
  1. The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art. – John Lasseter
  1. Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn’t help us know what to say. — Jonathan Sacks
  1. Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.— R. Buckminster Fuller
  1. The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. – Northrop Frye
  1. Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories. – Laurie Anderson
  1. Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. –Steve Jobs
  1. I don’t know about you, but all this modern technology that’s supposed to save us time and effort has actually ended up making things more complicated in my life, eating up extra time. — Dean Karnazes
  1. Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate. – Alvin Toffler

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.