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I have been an Amazon Prime customer for over a year now and enjoy not only the free 2 day shipping benefits, but I also like the streaming video options while not as full as Netflix they do offer some variety and a few movies that you won’t find on Netflix.

So when I saw the Amazon Instant Video app is released for the iPad and now lets you select any of the catalog of movies to watch from your iPad, I was excited to test it out.


First of all, the interface looks a lot like the Netflix iPad app and the way you scroll through the categories and movies is quick and efficient. You can select a movie or TV show and start watching it immediately or add it to your watch list.

However, the app is actually really limited. You can’t do any type of search, and you can’t actually scroll through more than a handful of shown movies or TV Shows or watch something added to your Watchlist already.


You also can’t rent a movie from the Instant Video App on the iPad and this means in order to really use the iPad Instant Video app from Amazon you have to pretty much set it up on your PC, add the shows/movies to your Watchlist or rent what you want to watch, then you can access it from your iPad. This kind of defeats the purpose and Amazon could probably make more quick rental cash fast if they allowed you to directly purchase movies for rent or on directly from the Amazon Instant Streaming app for the iPad instead.

Still it is an offering and is a welcome one at that, at $79.99 per year the Amazon video on demand part of prime is certainly worth having if you use Amazon often and Netflix better keep striking deals and innovating if they don’t want to be overtaken by Amazon completely soon.

-Dragon Blogger

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