AnsTOP iPhone 6 Anti-Gravity Case Review

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What is an Anti-Gravity case you ask?  Well it is a case that has nano-technology that allows you to stick it to any surface yet it doesn’t feel adhesive or stick to your hands or fingers when you touch it.  This AnsTOP case was one of the simple and most unique iPhone 6 cases I have ever reviewed and actually turned out to be a fun one to play around with.

Here is the video review:

For those who like to read their reviews, here is more details and pics.
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The case comes packaged in a plastic sheath, and it has a plastic cover on the nanoporous side so that it won’t collect hair and dust while it is being shipped.  You simply slip your iPhone 6 into the case and have access to all your switches, buttons and ports.  The AnsTOP iPhone 6 Anti-Gravity Case is a very lightweight, thin case so I wouldn’t say it is a protective case at all, it overs only protection from scratches or dings on the sides and back of your phone, but it doesn’t protect the screen at all.


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The main purpose and selling point of this case is you can just stick your iPhone to any surface and it will adhere and stay put.  This is primarily to allow you to start at the iPhone screen and talk to someone, watch something, read something or even record you in selfie mode without having to hold onto your phone.

anstopcase (4)

So I stuck it to my stucco walls which are textured and it had no problem adhering to the walls and sliding doors.

anstopcase (5)

I stuck it to wood panel cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom and again, it stuck and stayed put without any problems.

anstopcase (1)

I stuck it to mirrors where it really shines and other surfaces as well as windows and there wasn’t a hard surface that it wouldn’t stick to.  Now I did get the case all dusty and full of dog hairs after using it a lot and it started to lose it’s adhesiveness, so all I did was take the phone out of the case, run the back of the case under cold water, let it dry and it worked just as good as when I opened the package.

Why would you want a Anti-Gravity iPhone 6 Case?

How about if you are in the bathroom putting makeup on or something (more for the women I think for guys) you can have your phone facing you and someone can watch you, talk to you, or you can simply watch videos (how to’s)…etc. while working.  Like I can see this if I wanted to do Halloween Makeup tutorial or something myself I can watch the vid, see the vid and my own face and results in real time.  Or maybe you simply want to cook something in the kitchen and have someone face you and talk to you while you are standing over a stove?  Stick this against a refrigerator or microwave door and they can watch and talk to you.  Or record yourself doing anything where you may be facing a wall or mirror, get the perfect camera angle hands free. It can be hard to do a selfie of you holding or using products when you have to have 1 hand holding the phone!  This AnsTOP iPhone 6 Anti-Gravity Case gives you the benefits of a tripod by using a wall instead of having to mount your phone on a tripod, except only for the front facing camera since the rear facing camera is the one that is sticking to the wall.

I think this would be cool to have options for mini-tablets as well where you can get a larger video and would like to see a version for the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire devices!

You can pick up the AnsTOP gravity case for the following phone models:


Disclaimer:  AnsTOP provided with the iPhone 6 AntiGravity Case  so I could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.  For more information visit

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.