Anticipating Trends for Blog Traffic

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One of the things I started doing recently was writing a few articles here and there on my personal and technology blogs about "anticipated trends".  These are articles written about a topic or subject that hasn’t yet become a trend but I predict it will be in the next 6-9 months.  The reason why I am writing for the future is because you can start to see a ramp up as people gradually start showing more interest and search for this topic and a huge burst of traffic should the topic you cover turn into a trend.

The disadvantage is should you be wrong and the topic not turn into a popular trend you could end up with an article that doesn’t ever bring as much traffic as you were hoping, but this really isn’t a disadvantage at all.

Here is my example of recent article writing with the intention of capturing a trend that will happen, this one isn’t a guess.

I wrote an article on DragonBlogger that is about Diablo III wallpapers, this really isn’t a written article but is a place where I found and am hosting 15 desktop wallpapers for the upcoming Diablo III game (which has been in the making for 5 years now!).  The article I wrote because I know Diablo 3 will have breaking news next year regarding release date, and is already on pre-sale at so I have a feeling it will have some release news which will generate more buzz.  The article received over 1,000 pageviews within my first month of writing it!


Some giant bloggers may not get excited about 1,000 pageviews, but if all 1250+ articles on had 1,000 pageviews a month I would be getting 1.2 million pageviews per month on my blog. 

This article is going to only increase its traffic when Diablo III becomes more popular, I know this because I have seen it with Starcraft 2 articles on my personal blog.  Articles that are "aged" have a higher chance of listing on the SERP results page vs a brand new article targeting the same keywords.

The disadvantage is that eventually big time news sites or media sites will eventually catch up when the trend happens and this can push your article down in the SERP and cause a traffic loss, I have also seen this happen too on my personal blog.

I had an article generate over 6,000 pageviews a month on my personal blog (which is about 75%) of the blogs total traffic, and three months later less than 1/10th of that traffic came from that article anymore, this caused my personal blog to go from over 10k visits per month to 2,00 visits per month.  This is a big side effect with relying on search traffic and having one hugely  popular page on your site, when it loses popularity you can see a large traffic drop.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to write for trend anticipation and traffic is traffic even if its temporary it gets you indexed and out there.  You may just pick up enough other sites linking to your own to establish a longer exposure time in the SERP pages top results as well.

How many bloggers try to write for anticipated trends or with the purpose of trying to capture anticipated search traffic?  This is outside the norm for me, and this article was the first one written on where I deliberately wrote to try and capture search traffic for pageview increases.

-Justin Germino

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.