3 Boxing Anime’s you MUST Watch!

Over the last few decades we have seen boxing animes appear time and time again. Today, I compiled a list of three boxing anime that display what boxing anime truly is! Getting into our first boxing anime on the list, Megalobox. This world is similar to a sort of Cyberpunk 2077 feeling and has such a realistic grasp on real-world issues, such as boxing just being seen as a “brawling” sport. Our main character, Junk … Read more

New Gen Anime Reviews: Unpacking Episode 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori, pink hair that is completely unrealistic and could never happen in real life CHECK! Someone close to him dying CHECK! Yuji Itadori is a perfect guideline for a main character, I say this because he fits every category. All the way from his loveable goofy personality, to his unrealistic hair, or even his desire to be in the occult club at his school instead of using his incredible athleticism for sports and even … Read more

New Gen Anime Reviews: David Martinez Story from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

(SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON)The story begins with our main character, David Martinez. He is introduced as a violent kid from the slums, with a mom who wants to give him a rich life. His mother, Gloria Martinez worked as an EMT for Nightcity Healthcare, and enrolled her only son in Arasaka Academy. During an incident where David and Gloria were attacked while driving, the car flipped and Gloria was ejected out of the car … Read more

New Gen Anime Reviews: Unpacking Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man

There is a lot to say about Chainsaw Man. Let’s start by introducing our main protagonist, from the start of episode 1 we see a working-class citizen named Denji with a dog named Pochita, who is also a chainsaw. Talk about man’s best friend! Pochita and Denji start out with a great formula that truly fits the basic main character-side character bit, this has to be a really exciting journey, nothing could happen to that … Read more