New Gen Anime Reviews: Unpacking Episode 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori, pink hair that is completely unrealistic and could never happen in real life CHECK! Someone close to him dying CHECK! Yuji Itadori is a perfect guideline for a main character, I say this because he fits every category. All the way from his loveable goofy personality, to his unrealistic hair, or even his desire to be in the occult club at his school instead of using his incredible athleticism for sports and even … Read more

Roxie Reacts: The Case Study of Vanitas – Episode 2, “In the City of Flowers” [Spoilers; Dubbed Version; Critical Analysis]

Welcome back to another episode of Roxie Reacts. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen with Vanitas and Noe. The thought of Noe having to take down Vanitas makes me intrigued, and the knowledge of Vanitas being a straight-up anti-villain makes me giddy as heck. As always, timestamps will be below. 0:12 – This boy be peelin’. Or… rather, etching wood. And from the looks of this, it’s a flashback. 0:28 – It’s Noe’s … Read more

Roxie Reacts: The Case Study of Vanitas – Episode 1, “In the Event of Rusty Hopes” [Spoilers; Dubbed Version; Critical Analysis]

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Roxie Reacts. It’s great to meet you. I’m Roxie, and I’m going to be giving a live reaction to every single episode of a series I choose, beginning with Funimation’s The Case Study of Vanitas. I enjoy hosting roleplays, writing narrative fiction, and of course working on these articles. So I thought, “Why not give a critical analysis of an anime series, episode-by-episode, reaction-by-reaction, for the lovely … Read more

Paranoia Agent: The Danger of Collective Belief

I just recently finished re-watching this absolute masterpiece, and frankly, I’m more floored than I was when I was a child. Back then it was just a spooky show that came on late at night on Toonami, but now that I’ve grown, I’m much more capable of analyzing it as a whole. As always, you can watch this fine piece of anime over at Funimation, this article contains some spoilers, and now let’s get down … Read more

Cowboy Bebop: Back to When Anime Had Class

As a fan of old school animation, Cowboy Bebop absolutely blows me out of the water. While I hate to show my hand this early, it’s a pinnacle of early anime, and a must-see for anyone just getting into anime who hasn’t quite caught the bug for the genre of entertainment just yet and you can watch all of it over on Funimation right now. The animation is amazingly fluid for the period it was … Read more