Blackzebra Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1

Considering a set of Bluetooth headphones?  Need comfort, reliability, and battery life?  Some of the Bluetooth enable earbud headphones pack the tech into the earpiece which can be heavy and uncomfortable.  Or if they aren’t so heavy you can tell the tech is lacking due to the reduced sound quality.  Now consider price.  you can buy the Beats ear buds or the Jaw Bird ear buds for $150 to $200.  Ouch, well ouch for me for sure.    Consider the Blackzebra Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones.


Blackzebra Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Wrap around ear
  • Sweat proof

These headphones will meet the need of the active person.  Whether it is the runner or the gym rat, these wrap around headphones will stay on your ears while providing  multiple device connectivity and some pretty good sound coverage.  You won’t get all of the low end bass that a $175 pair of similar headphones might provide but I think it handles most music genres pretty well, well enough to get through your workout with your tunes or podcasts you want to listen to getting you through that work out.


Blackzebra Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones

The button stick provides control over your volume, forward, backward, answering calls and ending calls.  Pairing devices is pretty straight forward.  The button stick does weigh the headphones down and bit which can pull the mic away from your mouth far enough to cause some issues when talking to someone but it is manageable.  If you have a clip laying around it makes things work out a little more consistently.

Battery life is in line with what is touted.  I get right around 4 hours each time I use it.  You do get the audible reminder when the battery is low…

Audible ques tell you when devices connect or disconnect.  The audible ques will also tell you when the battery is low or when you are powering the headphones on or off,  you will even get an audible tone when someone is calling in and announces the number that is calling in.  It doesn’t appear to pick up on the callers name from your phone book but you get the number at least.  I like that the headphones will allow for multiple devices to connect,  I can have my iPhone 5s and my Nexus 7 at the same time.  A phone call will pause what I am listening to on my Nexus 7.  The headphones consistently reconnect to both devices when they are in range.

Again these aren’t the $150-$200 set of Bluetooth headphones but for $20-$50 these are very functional headphones that will connect to multiple devices and provide solid sound quality for music, movies and podcasts as well as your phone calls.  I give them 3.5 stars out of 5.  They will admirably cover your listening and phone call needs.

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