Get Gadgets at Incredible Prices Over at Bluewill

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

First let me disclose that Bluewill contacted me and asked me to review their shopping website and specifically share feedback about their group buy feature which is a unique concept that allows people who have a group of friends or a large social circle to gain some fantastic deals on curated gadgets.  What Bluewill does is find some of the top and most popular products on other sites like Amazon and then works out their own costs/deals for hosting the products which usually are discounted fairly well bought individually but the discount increases if you can group buy the product with 1 other person which is a 2 Group or 4 other people making a 5 group.

How does Bluewill Group Buying Work?

Being able to get $40+ earbuds from Aukey which is a brand we have worked with and reviewed directly before for just $9.99 if you can share the deal and get 4 other people to get in on that price with you is a fairly simple enough deal.  Even more, let’s say you are trying to get gifts for other people, you can literally buy the item 5 times at the deal price yourself and get all 5 units at that discounted price yourself which then you can re-gift or do what you want with.  I was thinking this could be a great way to get incredible deals on products for me to run more giveaways with but they would be shipping direct prizes without substitutes.  I mean I have paid $60 to send out mechanical keyboards to prize winners before, but even without the group deal I literally could just buy 5 of the AUKEY Gaming KM-G12 at $9.99 each and then run a giveaway with 5 winners getting the prize.  Paying the same value of prize compared to having just one winner of the full retail price of the same keyboard which is crazy how good a deal they have on this mechanical keyboard right now too.

Now, one thing I do notice about the site is you can tell the site was designed for mobile devices, the aesthetic of the site looks like a mobile page even on a large desktop browser, where there aren’t as many clickable menu’s as you would expect from a standard desktop based website.  You can drill down into some pages looking at products to where you have to scroll back to the top and hit the back button, or use the back button in your browser, there is no floating header or side menu bar for easy navigation after you scroll down reading something.  So this does make it a bit more cumbersome to navigate from your desktop browser than your mobile phone and probably could use some quality of life improvements for non-mobile users to navigate around their shopping site.

Overall though, there is a limited but decent selection of tools and gadgets, and I am curious how often they will update and add new products.  Currently the majority of deals center around a small selection of specific brands, but they are some of the ones I have worked with before directly like NAIPO, TACKLIFE, AUKEY and I generally have liked their products so their choice of products being listed appears to be pretty good so far.

Bluewill also has their new Dimes Worth a Difference campaign where for every dollar they make they will donate 10 cents toward N-95 masks to select secondary schools in America so that we can help keep children protected from the spread of COVID while helping ensure they still can thrive in an in-person learning environment.

Check out Bluewill and see if they have something that interests you at a great price today!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.