Converting YouTube Videos to MP4 Format

So my kids are quite fond of YouTube Parodies, so much so in fact that they prefer many of the parody songs over the original radio songs in most cases.  As a result they asked me to fill up their Kindle Fire HDX with music, not just the videos of the Minecraft parodies but they wanted the songs to listen to.

Well, I happened to still have iSkySoft Video Converter Ultimate still installed and this was one specific feature of the program I didn’t test in our review of it previously, though I tested the YouTube feature for putting YouTube videos on the Kindle Fire HDX:


So simply clicking on the Download Button, then +Add URL and entering in the YouTube Video URL you get a Add New Download popup.

From here, you select the destination folder and the save as format, I simply select mp3 and in seconds you get a full YouTube video downloaded as only an MP3 file.  A quick and simply way to turn any video on YouTube into a song you can listen to and put on your mobile devices quick and easy.  video-converter-youtube-rip

Dozens of Minecraft YouTube parody videos are now in my kids song software library for them to enjoy over and over, and fortunately they have headphones.  Meanwhile, this is a good way also to turn video blogs into podcasts, if I haven’t had the time to watch a YouTube video that is more audio focused than visual, then this is a good way to turn it into something I can listen to while driving in the car.

Very practical reasons for turning YouTube videos into MP3 files, take our own Venom’s Rant series that Brian Alford is contributing to our YouTube channel, you can enjoy listening to him bash Microsoft, Pay to Win Games and more on any device if you don’t have to time to watch him.  Personally I like seeing the frustration in his face while he talks about the things that are annoying him.

Watch one of Venom’s Rant and let Brian know if you agree!

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