Coocheer Universal FM Transmitter Review

The Coocheer FM transmitter is one of many similar products. For a price of 20 dollars, I don’t think you can go wrong! The plastic is thick and durable, the display is clear, and the function of the product is simply perfect for those of us who don’t have modern entertainment systems in our cars.

I got this thing a week ago and I’ve put it through the ropes. I looked at the following traits when evaluating:

  1. Clarity and quality of sound
  2. Static and radio interference
  3. Features
  4. Overall Satisfaction
What better way to unwind after training than with my favorite music? Thanks Coocheer!
What better way to unwind after training than with my favorite music? Thanks Coocheer!


The most important thing about any product using a headphone jack is how well it transmits the sound. A lot of this comes down to cable and input construction. Without getting too technical, I find the Coocheer FM Transmitter to deliver sound as clean and clear as it comes through my headphones or phone speakers. There is one exception to this….

Radio Waves:

This is the second most important consideration to me. I can live with static in the background, but I have a limit. First off, I’ll say that there is never radio interference. I tried a variety of frequencies and even those nestled between two active stations have yet to pick up any radio interference.

Static, however, is somewhat of an issue. The car radio produces static on these frequencies and even when you have a transmitter, the signal strength is usually not enough to overcome the signal from the car, resulting in net power to the car’s radio and thus the static. Luckily, there are a few fun things I learned about this device when trying to resolve the issue.

First off, you can always turn up the volume on the device itself and the static volume (coming through the car radio and not the transmitter) will not rise. Secondly, if you have access to even-numbered frequencies, there is a lot less static. Third, the level of static is highly variable for a surprising reason…

Different genres and different artists use different levels of compression in their music. (Again, avoiding too much technicality) Compression cuts the level of noise – random sound caused by nature such as radio waves – from a song, resulting in distortion that sounds clean and bass that doesn’t bust speakers. I don’t know exactly why this works, but the compression software used in modern recording seems to also affect the radio noise. It’s sort of a crap shoot, but I’ve generally found that analog music (Any music that requires external cables and non-digital technology) cuts out virtually all of the sound with compression. Tec N9ne’s Straight Out The Gate demonstrates this well. It opens completely raw and the compression doesn’t come in until the verse, you can hear the static cut out where the compression software kicks in. Again, not sure what’s going on, but it’s awesome! Outside of EDM and low-compression genres like comedy/talk shows, you should not experience the problem of static. Even when you do, it’s pretty minimal.

88.7 is the clearest channel in Henderson. When I get into Vegas, it's usually a channel in the 101 Frequency range and North Las Vegas in the 90s.
88.7 is the clearest channel in Henderson. When I get into Vegas, it’s usually a channel in the 101 Frequency range and North Las Vegas in the 90s.


I think the features the device has are standard for all similar products these days.  The transmitter has an auto-scan function to find you an empty station on the fly (for example, when you’re on a road trip and moving between towns and empty space frequently). It definitely works with every kind of device that has a 3.5mm aux port. Some phones* have hands-free capability with this transmitter (mine does not). The display is high-contrast, the buttons are large and tactile. The transmitter also has a USB port for charging the device. When playing audio only, the device actually charges faster than the iClever car charger I recently reviewed!

Overall Satisfaction:

Aside from the beatable static problem, the Coocheer Wireless FM Transmitter is a win on all counts. Charging my phone while listening to music on the drive to work is great! The material is solid and I never have to worry about losing signal (Even in the Airport Tunnel!). It’s been in my car delivering high quality sound across the platforms since I got it and I’m sure it will last me a good while.


Disclaimer: Coocheer provided us with the FM Transmitter so we could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product. All opinions are 100% authors and authors alone.


Final Ratings:
Sound Quality 9/10

Radio Silence 8/10

Features: 10/10

Overall Satisfaction 9/10

I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an FM transmitter. If it’s a matter of convenience for you, the Coocheer is certainly a great choice!

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