How to Disable Steam Friend Notifications

This is a simple tutorial for those who want to disable the steam notifications that popup when friends join a game on Steam.  You can also disable Steam group event notifications and other Steam notifications using the same menu.

To Disable Steam Notifications When a Friend Joins a Game

Make sure Steam is open, then the Steam menu in top left, then click on Settings.

Then click on the Friends

Now just uncheck When any Friend Joins a Game and the Display a Notification and/or Play a Sound if checked.  You can also disable the Steam notifications when any Friend comes online and for Group Events and announcements.

This is the main area to stop all those annoying Steam notifications from popping up when you are in the middle of gaming and/or recording and don’t want those popups to show up if you are doing screen capture.  I usually like to be notified when I receive messages so feel free to set that at your discretion as well.

Now I know this was a very simple tutorial and for most people this was common sense, but surprisingly this is a heavily searched term for Steam users so wanted to add the steps with my own image snapshots to help out as we have a lot of Steam users visiting our articles and commenting on our Facebook posts.

Any other Steam tips you would like to share?

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