Enter to win an RC Lamborghini Veneno

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What you get with this RC car is small fast and really cool looking miniature of the Lamborghini Veneno and the RC car can move pretty quick for it’s size.  One of the features I really like about this car is that it has working headlamps that illuminate when you go forward and rear tail lights that light up when you go in reverse which was a nice touch.

The car itself takes 3 AAA Batteries, while the controller takes another 2 Double A batteries, so you will want rechargeable batteries if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on batteries.  If I could have said I wanted something it would be that the car had a built in Li-Ion battery included and you can just plug the car into a USB port and charge it so you only had to deal with batteries in the remote.

Range in testing was about 80-100 feet away and still worked, not quite the 50 meters but we also had some hills and other potential blocking obstacles.  The car is fast and while I didn’t measure the speed directly it does appear to go the claimed 8-10mph and we had the little car going over speed bumps in a parking lot as well.

Enter to win an RC Lamborghini Veneno
QUN FENG Lamborghini Veneno RC Car (Toy)

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