Games Always Make Great Christmas Gifts

The gaming platform isn’t all about Xbox360, PS3 and the Nintendo Wii lately. You will find hundreds of high quality online games that have been best sellers for months and some for even years that appeal to all family members in your household.

feedingfrenzyGames like my six year old’s personal favorites “Feeding Frenzy 2” or “Insaniquarium Deluxe” can be downloaded and purchased without even having to go into a local store and for much cheaper than console games.

The great thing about online games is that in many cases you can play with other live people and they have games that kids, adults or seniors can play. You can be playing Risk online against your buddies which is still a fun game that I partake in once and a while when I have free time.

With so many online games to choose from and most of them offering free 30 or 45 minute demo’s you can make sure you like the game before you purchase it. Why not download some game demos for family members, pre-install them on their computer and purchase them as a gift this year?

Some of my personal favorite games that I recommend to people and I have played with my kids are:

PlantsVsZombiesPlants Vs Zombies – a game where you defend your house from invading zombies. You have to use a strategic combination of plants to help defend your property and is an excellent family strategy game.

supercowSupercow – Side scrolling adventure game where you are a Super Cow fighing even farm animals and saving your friends. Fun and has witty comical scenes between the levels.

turtleodysseyTurtle Odyssey 2 – which is another side scrolling action game in similar style to Mario Bros. where you have to collect stars and gems to complete the levels. Bosses and tons of bonuses and hidden area’s keep this game interesting.

You can find hundreds of hours of entertainment in online games that have a small enough footprint they work on even older computers with weaker video cards. Plus most of the games work on the Mac as well as the PC.

-Dragon Blogger

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