GetWow Bluetooth Monopod Review

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Honestly prior to this past month I had never used a monopod or selfie stick to take photos with my phone, I just didn’t realize the benefits and didn’t think about it.  When GetWow sent us a selfie stick to review I was curious to see how it worked and what benefits it would provide and I can tell you with certainty that if you are the type of person who takes most of your pictures with your Android or Apple smartphone then you would love the GetWow Selfie stick.

The reason is that the selfie stick allows you to take pictures at incredible angles and distance of your self or with a group of friends without having to ask someone to take a picture of you.  You can also capture yourself in a more natural environment instead of being such an obvious close up selfie and with the monopod you can take selfies that don’t look like selfies too.  (How many times can I stuff selfie in that sentence).

Here is my Unboxing and Video Review of the GetWow Selfie Stick

But beyond the video, I had since taken the monopod into the front and back and taken some photos with height, and simply wanted to check and see what was on my roof without having to get out the ladder.


The great thing is you can use the flexible head to take pictures with the higher quality rear camera instead of using the front camera all the time too.

The GetWow Monopod is fantastic and portable, it folds down real compact and can fit in most bags or even a large purse, and it extends to about 4′ so you can take just about any photo you want.  Obviously the only thing you don’t get is to see the SmartPhone screen really clearly of what you are trying to take a picture of with it 4′ away in bright daylight, so it is easier and designed to take pictures of you and your direction so that you can see where the camera lens is pointing, you can use it to take close up shots of things if you can see the screen maybe where you can’t get close enough.  Like if you are at a Zoo or Aquarium and want to take a pic from a higher angle for example it could work great.  Heck, take a picture of a giraffe from a much higher point of view instead of near the ground too!

I took dozens of pictures and the rubber grib on the handle is non-skid or non-slip and works well, the button works every time and is properly seated behind the rubber cover of the button.  The Bluetooth connection is easy to setup, it connects as EINNOVATION which is kind of an odd name for the Bluetooth so you might now know that is the Selfie Stick if you have a lot of Bluetooth devices all vying for attention at the same time.

As far as Selfie Sticks go, this GetWow Monopod to me is a 5 star product and if you are in the need for a selfie stick then you can’t go wrong with this product, it works and gives you great flexibility with distance, pivoting head and is solid, sturdy and has a nice rubberized grip.  The fact that it is Bluetooth and you don’t have to have a cable plugged into your phone and connected to the device is even better.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.