Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD A1000BLK Review

Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD A1000BLK close up


Here again is the Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD.  Cables, documents and box aside, we will focus in this section on the drive alone.

Here is the top of the drive, where the USB-C cable plugs into.  This is the only connection on the drive.  If you notice, just above the connection, there is another hole in the case, this is the activity LED.  This allows you to see when there is activity within the drive.

Here is the bottom of the Atom drive.  I blurred out the serial number, but the sicker on the drive would normally show the serial number, the barcode, certificates and the Glyph name.  The silicone protective cover also has feet to help keep it from sliding across your desk or table.

With the silicone cover, it measures about 4 and ½ inches in length.

And only about half of an inch in depth, that’s pretty tiny.

In the pictures above, you can see the drive with the Silicone Protective Cover surrounding the drive.  I got some nudes, wanna see?

Here is Atom getting undressed, just pull back the protective cover and slide Atom out.

And here is Atom baring it all, no no, it’s OK to look.  Without the protective cover, we can see the sleek black sexy aluminum enclosure in all its glory.

Here is the same shot of the connector, minus the protective cover.

And the activity indicator light on the bare drive.

Here is the drive connected with the light on, it’s a nice shade of green.  It blinks when there is activity on the drive.

For comparisons sake, here is the drive next to an Intel 520 Series SSD and an older 3.5in Seagate 400Gig Barracuda drive I had laying around.  Its slightly longer than an SSD and almost half its size, and shorter and less than half of the width of the mechanical drive.  You might think it’s still a little bit much to carry in your pocket, so let me give you another comparison.

Not only next to all the drives is it smaller, but it’s even smaller than my cell phone, the Google Pixel XL, first gen.

See without the cover, it’s less than half of an inch in depth.

And less than 4 and ½ inches without it too.

So that is it for the drive itself, to give you a better idea of what it was but aside from the capacity and looks I am sure you are wondering about performance.  Up next, we Benchmark the Glyph Black 1TB SSD.

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