Innovative Tech Ideas in Trend to Make the Trade Show a Success

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

New technology has infused so much in our lives and giving the new trends every day. The Omni presence of technology has created the digital dazzle. Exhibitions and Trade Show booth designs are incorporating high-tech allure to expos. An engaging environment grabs a notable traffic and generates a buzz. Exhibitions are effective to reach out the potential customers and communicating with them directly.

Technology solutions attract the attendees to the booth and you can brief and convince them. There are some potential brands like ExpoMarketing, Tradeshow Logic, TSNN, and American Tradeshow Services to offer the range of tech solutions. So, here are the ideas for the brand recognition and marketing of the company or product through trade show booth.

The Giant Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is truly interactive. Attendees can click, swipe and watch what you offer. Interactive screens are already popping out everywhere. Consumers choose their order and meal at the restaurants through them; they take a digital tour into your working area with the integrative screens and operate social media.

Touch screens are for every age group and now people want to participate and explore. The large multimedia with stories, videos, text with links and rotating images is fresh and participating to give a rich experience. The different models of HD touch screens display, kiosks and monitors can be used with multi touch feature. They can be used as table monitors or video walls and ranges from 15 inches to 86 inches. Dell massive 86 inches display is the newest in the industry; other notable models are Clarity Acer T232 HL Abmjjz, Planar Helium PCT2485, Dell P2418HT, HP EliteDisplay E220t, Planar Helium PCT2485 and ViewSonic TD2230.

Recharging Oasis

Shows can be exhausting and tiring for some. They need to have rest somewhere and recharge their devices to move further and explore more. The hospitality appeal works the best in such situation; the charging station is appealing as keeping the devices charged is big concern today. Many people look for the outlets where they can sit and charge and this opportunity can be a marketing tool for you.

You can also add some drinks or snacks with the sitting as well. While people are resting and charging their mobile phones, tell them about you and your company. You can ask them to open your social media page at your mobile. This way you can get the hashtags, reviews, faithful customers and also earn a positive image.

Contests and Game Shows

Gaming feature is the most innovative, unique and striking idea to be use at your next trade show. Games are exciting and majority of people want to participate and win. Gaming apps, social media contest and virtual wheels with prices are the best digital plays. Announcing a lucky winner at the end brings more contestants and you can take advantage marketing the product. Make sure the games are interesting and fun oriented.

Encourage the attendees to take the selfie with the booth and upload at specific social media channel with the #hashtag and send a gift every hour to one winner through push notification.

Transforming a Boring Wall into Video Wall

Make an eye-catching video wall that can pull the traffic and people would love to take picture and make videos with those walls and sharing them on social media. Augmented Reality (AR) and Video Reality (VR) are also getting popular to show the videos and enriching the experience of the visitor. You have the opportunity to use AR and VR headsets or simply monitor screens to display the videos that depends on your budget.

Get the visitors a dive into your business with the help of digital notes through the videos.

Social Media Discussions

Creating a big screen with social media networking is really important. It can be like a Smartphone looking connecting setup to direct and inspire discussions. It also generate buzz with a number if posts, likes and reviews. Introduce the mobile apps to sell more and send push notifications.

Bright Signage

To seek the attention you have to catch the eye and make the signage attractive in the glance. Using the digital devices, graphic designing and technology assisted screens you can invite the audience from a large distance. The flashy and bright display is simple and also inexpensive to call and request the response.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.