June Nerd Block Unboxing


It was a good mail day for me as my June Nerd Block  came this morning.  For anyone who is not familiar with this, it is a monthly subscription service that will send you a box of mixed nerdy goodies every month. There are different styles to choose from.  You can choose from the regular package, a junior package that is geared for younger kids which you can pick for a boy or girl and now they also have a horror block. This month’s theme was for fathers day and is geared for dads. Everything is packed nice and neat as always. If you fo not already subscribe you can go hear to sign up http://bit.ly/1n0fod6



The first little goody I opened is a Doctor Who vinyl figure.  These are made from the company Titan. There are 11 different ones to collect. I got the 2nd doctor Patrick Troughton who was the Doctor from 1966-1985.  This also comes with the doctor’s accessory.


Next is a Mario Kart 8 racer.  There are 5 different ones available. Last week I was at the dollar store and we had bought a couple of these exact ones, so if you are looking for more to complete your set you may want to have a look at your local store.


Their toy of the month is a pin art desk toy. The pis are not sharp, so they are safe for you to let your kids play with this if you like.  Endless fun making imprints of everything.


There is a Minecraft sticker at the bottom of the box. Since this was a double shirt month I guess this is just thrown in so there would feel like you get enough items.


The first shirt is a Marvel Iron Sentinel. You will always get the right size shirt in your box as you choose the size when you join. you can always change sizes for the next month.  The t-shirts are great quality. Normally there is only 1 shirt. This alone makes it worth it to buy the subscription, but since this month is Father’s day we got 2 shirts.


The 2nd shirt takes us back to 1984.  Ghostbusters was the first movie I went to go see at the show. And now we all know I am old. This shirt is also great quality. Of all the moths I have subscribed I have not had any problems with shrinkage of the shirts or fading.

Have you got your Nerd Block yet? What did you get that was different then mine? If this looks like something you want to get sent to you, go to http://bit.ly/1n0fod6 and sign up to get in for July before they sell out.

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