Influencers Make More Money with Logie

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

In the world of affiliate marketing, the competition is fierce, and every influencer is looking for an edge to boost their earnings. Enter Logie – a groundbreaking platform that helps influencers and Amazon Associates make more money by tapping into additional commissions from brands. In this article, we’ll show you real-life examples of how I was able to make a staggering 3,500% increase in my earnings from only 2 products I promoted!

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I have written a number of articles on the benefits of Logie and how influencers and Amazon Associates can make more money than they currently do by leveraging the extra commissions from brands than just relying on the Amazon commission payout alone. But I wanted to give clear examples on just how much extra income you can earn and compare some earnings with the bonus earnings from Logie.

In Logie, there is a new reporting feature that lets you customize and sort the columns of your product sales, and with this feature you can sort by your Logie earnings (commissions) vs your Amazon Earning. When doing comparisons to show how much value Logie is providing, you can see in the first example below, Plugable which is a current brand onboarded to Logie and at times has a whopping 50% commission payout under certain scenario’s you can see my Amazon sales alone made $113.19 and $56.22 respectively for 2 Plugable products. But with the Logie commissions, I was paid an additional $3900+ for the first Plugable product and $2000+ for the 2nd Plugable product.

This means on these 2 products alone, if I only relied on Amazon commissions from sales I earned $169.41 but Logie alone on these 2 products I earned an additional $5940. Do the math! $5940.00 is approximately 3500% of $169.41, this means with Logie I made 3500% more money from just those 2 products than relying on Amazon affiliate commissions alone.

Don’t think it is just tech products either, 1 Style Edit product, the Root Touch Up Powder, I made $39.41 in Amazon Commissions, and another $499.09 in Logie Commissions.

Again, this is 1264.84% more money made by leveraging Logie on this product than Amazon sales commissions alone.

With Logie the % you earn varies based on the brand and profit margin they assign to the program, so far I have never seen below 10% commissions but some brands as high as 50% commissions. The beauty of Logie is that you never have to negotiate brand deals, find/show earnings reports and constantly feel like you have to justify yourself to a brand, you simply onboard the system, pick and choose the products you want to promote and start earning the extra income.

With Logie, you can make money various ways and I will tell you my most effective one at the moment.

#1, you purchase Logie brand products that have high commission value, and good ratings, reviews and then you create your own content for the products, upload and promote on all your social media and Amazon. Set a marketing budget to purchase products and invest in growth. If you are new to Logie you can request 50% off coupons and get big discounts to help get you started on products that can convert right away.

#2, if you have no marketing budget, you can still earn, because Logie shows which products are on sale, you can still push and promote those products on your social media as deals/discount and coupons without owning the product (I always recommend to use hashtag #ad in your posts when promoting deals/coupons on social media) and disclosure is required by FTC and Amazon when promoting affiliate links. Then you can still own those bonus commissions on your sales even if you never physically touched the product or created any video content for it.

#3, after you are onboarded to Logie and start making sales, Logie will start matching you with brands and you will be receiving free products which allows you to create more content without having to spend money purchasing the products. The more content you create and sell, the more information and sales data the algorithms have to better match you with future content and this continues to increase and benefit you. Logie has already shipped hundreds of products with content matching, which just also recently started happening with my account as well.

Integrity Check

Your reputation as an influencer is extremely important, so for full disclosure and and honesty do your research and make sure you stand behind what you promote or you will lose trust with your audience and fans. Example, I did see one seller onboard to Logie previously and some products were like 3 star rating and didn’t have great reviews, I made a choice not to invest and purchase that product set and I didn’t promote/endorse. The brand is no longer listed with Logie at this time, but use your best judgement. Don’t ever promote or endorse something that has a high likely hood of leaving a customer dissatisfied or unhappy, or they will remember you recommended it and may not trust your recommendations again.

Now, we have reviewed thousands of products, you can check our Amazon Influencer Store and see we have over 7660+ covered posts between videos, live streams, idea lists, photos and more.

Sometimes products that do well in testing and work well for us, can still give a shopper trouble or leave a bad experience, one of the hardest things to do as a product reviewer at the scale we operate at is “longevity tests” and use a product constantly for like 6+ months because the volume of product just simply is too high to do that level of longevity testing, plus every brand even the highest rep ones occasionally ship a dud or have a bad batch. But be genuine as your authenticity is the most important thing to be a successful influencer.

Feel free to share your influencer journey in the chat, what are you doing, what’s working, what’s not and if you haven’t signed up for Logie yet as an Amazon Affiliate, why not?

Again, Sign Up for Logie now to get started on increasing your revenue. Right now Amazon Associates and Influencers for Amazon USA only are eligible, but stay tuned, the agency is expanding and more features and opportunities are coming.

*Disclosure: I am not only a Logie user, but after using the service for 6+ months I became a Logie investor as well. I am excited and believe in the strategy and direction this platform is headed and want to help other influencer and Amazon affiliates increase the amount of earnings they make by sharing this opportunity.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.