What Makes WordPress the Order of the Day in SEO Services?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

What began as blogging software in 2003 has now emerged as one of the most preferred content management systems. WordPress is often considered the numero uno in web development, and is used by the professionals at the SEO Company.  But why is it so popular? It goes on record that there are some WordPress websites that have taken just 20 minutes to earn a place among the top three slots in Google search rankings. Ever since WordPress has broken into the scene of web development, it has become a standard to be compared with. All blogs and websites are now benchmarked against the gold standards of WordPress.

Remarkable feature

The most significant contribution of WordPress lies in its ability to liberate business owners from the clutches of web developers and virtual assistants. Companies are in total control of their websites, and they can make simple updates on their own. Almost every aspect of website can be controlled even by people who have no significant web development skill. Since search engines prefer the freshness of websites. Therefore, regular updating is very important. This is also very relevant from the business perspective. Delay in updating websites can result in missed business opportunities. According to SEO Company Chicago, all internet marketing efforts now revolve around WordPress.

Saves money at every step

WordPress websites are great money savers. Right from the time it is created, the cost saving element gets activated. Since you can now add new pages and blogs on your own and make changes in videos, images and texts too, without taking any help from your web designer, you save the cost that you had to pay to any Chicago SEO service provider. Being able to manage the website on your own, you also save time which is precious for business. With WordPress it is cost saving all the way.

Time is money

The frequently changing business needs may often necessitate quick changes to be made to websites. Fresh content and images may have to be uploaded at short notice. This can now be done on your own, and you can feed information to your target audience almost on real time basis. It creates new opportunities for business that can be capitalized by optimizing the SEO capabilities under the guidance of a competent SEO services Chicago.

Great mobile responsiveness

Google has declared its fondness for mobile friendly websites, and in order to be liked by search engines, this has turned out to be a basic requirement. Responsive web design has paved the way for displaying websites with the same degree of viewing pleasure on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. WordPress offers ample opportunities of making websites responsive to mobile devices. By using a plug-in for mobile responsive theme, the appearance of the site is made compatible with its mobile responsiveness. The facility to view websites on mobile devices opens up new horizons of businesses by widening reach to the target audience.

Extremely SEO friendly

The simple coding of WordPress is most liked by search engines as it is easy to read that makes indexing of website content even simpler. And fast indexing is what matters a lot in search engine rankings.  The website blog code in WordPress is streamlined and consistent, and it refrains from overloading with HTML codes.  This is very much liked by Google and is the primary reason why WordPress websites fare better in search engine rankings. Indeed, this feature alone does not work well unless the other elements of SEO are incorporated by the experts at SEO Chicago.

Integrate your website with WordPress

More than 60 million websites use the blogging system of WordPress, and you too must be convinced about joining them. Even if you have an existing website based on any other platform, you can still avail the benefits of WordPress to gain mileage from your SEO efforts. If you have a website, simply arrange for integrating it with WordPress. You will get wide access to various plug-ins, modules and applications that can boost your marketing campaign greatly. WordPress integration service is offered by any Chicago SEO company.

WordPress integration services

As more and more websites are getting inclined towards WordPress, the integration services have gained immense popularity. Set your objectives right and share your expectations with the experts who will do the job for you. They will hear about your needs patiently and chart the route for integration by applying WordPress templates and standard WordPress themes to your existing blogs, making it even more search engine friendly. Themes can be chosen from the WordPress inventory, and themes can also be customized.

There is another level of integration services that allows adding WordPress blogs to your existing website. This is possible by using the unique feature of WordPress that allows integration with third party API (Application Program Interface). This powerful feature allows complete integration that can be customized fully according to your needs.

Implementing new content strategy

Despite creating the best website, there are times when the need for added functionalities is badly felt. WordPress is the best option to add more functionality to your website. The need is most felt when content strategies keep evolving with time and market requirements. The case of GovLoop is an example of how the change in content strategy resulted in switching over to WordPress integration.

The website started with a content strategy that focused on social media like groups, friending, profiles and discussion that revolved around community building. Then came a time when it was felt that online trainings, research guide and original content had to be included. This resulted in exploring the options that were available for content management systems and it finally lead to WordPress. Besides the powerful features of the open source platform, the large community of developers supported its selection. And the end result was a more lovable website for viewers and search engines that attracted more traffic.

It is time to shed the traditional approach in web design and embrace WordPress that has shown the world how attractive, interesting and remunerative websites can turn out to be.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.