Naipo Deep Shiatsu Massager Review

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Now though this isn’t typically the normal type of gadget we review on I was more than happy to receive one of these Naipo Shaitsu Massagers and try one out to review for the brand.  I do constantly have tightness around my neck and shoulders and most of it stems from working at a computer desk 10-14 hours a day, I do occasionally see a chiropractor and have used a variety of massaging devices over the years so I had a decent amount of experience when it comes to comparing this particular Shiatsu massager to previous ones I have used.

For those who just want to watch a video review of the product and see it in action, feel free to watch the video.  The written review will be after the video review.

Video Review of the Naipo Shaitsu Masssager

So after using this massager for nearly a month I can tell you it is by far the best one that I have ever used so far.  The tri-rotating massage balls do a good job when combined with using your hands in the loop to pull them as tight as you need to against your muscles.  This is what makes it very effective and kneading tight muscle and providing relief, I have also had both of my kids, wife and mother in law test the product and can confirm it doesn’t just work for shoulders and neck, you can use it for thigh massages, calf massages, and even back massages if someone assists as you are laying down, or you are sitting in a chair and can control the amount of pressure when you lean back against the Naipo Shiatsu massager.

It even works for under the knee massaging and works well.  For about $60 this one was well worth the price in my opinion, in addition it has IR so that you get heat to help further loosen up the muscles.  You can use the switches on the control box to turn off the IR, change spin direction on the massaging balls, or adjust the speed at which they rotate as well.  So you can adjust it to have very slow motion where you pull tight and let it slow but deeply grind into the muscle, or faster and lighter it really depends on how much pressure you apply while using it.

Now it shows you can even use the device to massage your abdomen and I am sure this would work but make sure you aren’t putting any pressure on it.  What I found was you do still have to be careful with these type of massagers and this one is no except of the gap between the rotating massage balls.  If you have a neck or arm between that gap, you could have something crushed causing injury or pain, so make sure at all times that you aren’t having a body part go in between where the spinning massage balls are working.  This is a risk with all massagers that have a fixed rotating pattern however and not a risk specific to using this product.  All in all the only thing I wish this product had was a battery so that you could charge it and operate it without it having to be plugged into an AC outlet on occasion, it does come with a car charger accessory so you can power it by your car power outlet, and an AC plug but it would be nice to have it work cord free even for like 15 minutes before charging again.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.