Old Trends That Have Been Recreated to Entertain the New Generation

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Technology that was once revered for its forward-thinking has quickly become obsolete when new gadgets arrived on the market. The technology that many of us grew up with now confuses the younger generation. Millennials, and now Gen Z, are marveling in confusion at floppy disks, dial-up phones, and Walkmans. However, there are many gadgets that are making a comeback and are growing in popularity with the younger generation.

Here’s our list of the best old trends that are working their way back into the market with modern functionality.

Polaroid cameras

Nothing is more iconic than Polaroid photos. They’ve been capturing our precious moments since the 1940s, and the instantaneous nature of the photo development sparked wide-eyed wonder in us for generations. When digital cameras were first introduced in the 1990s, we were equally as amazed, yet the Polaroid camera had always has a place in our hearts. In fact, it is such a unique and fun way to take photos that the big bulky models have now been modernized and are now available with all the filters and add-ons that our younger generation love.

Classic video gaming systems

There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone reading this list grew up with some sort of video game console in their house, be it a Nintendo Entertainment System or even an old Sega Master System. These games provided us with countless hours of entertainment as we worked our way through worlds and fought the bad guys. These games have not been lost in time, though. In fact, there are many websites that provide these classic games for free, and all I have to do is load them up into My Emulator and play to my heart’s content. Now our children can enjoy the games we grew up on.

Vinyl records

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Being able to load up your smartphone with music to listen to for hours still amazes me when I think about all the time spent making mixtapes and carrying my Walkman around when I was young. However, nothing will ever beat the way music sounds when it is played straight from a vinyl record. Vinyl builds a real connection between the music and the listener, and as such, its popularity has never completely waned. In fact, the interest in vinyl records is building again, and more often, bands are deciding to release their albums on this medium. Not only that, but LP players are being modernized with better features and quality to please the younger ears.

There’s a lot of power in nostalgia that can really bring out emotion in people. Though there will always be a new tech on the market, more and more we are finding that the gadgets we loved from our youths are being recreated for the modern user. The recreation of these retro technologies not only lets us celebrate how pivotal they were in our lives but also lets us bridge the gap between nostalgia and modern functionality.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.