Overview of the SEREE Flip Screen Video Camera

Having a camera on the go is essential to capturing your life’s best moments. This deal from SEREE is one you don’t want to miss if you’ve been on the lookout for a camera. With being a perfect size and ideal for vlogging or creating YouTube content, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this camera.

Features on the SEREE digital camera camcorder

One thing people think about the most when it comes to cameras is the filming quality. This camera supports full HD 2.7K video resolution along with 24mp picture resolution to make sure you’re capturing the scenes around you at their best. That level of quality will also make sure when you upload the videos later that they’ll look just as good. It has 4x digital zoom so you can capture the moment, event from a distance.

The retractable flashlight has the ability to improve your pictures without making them overly bright. It also has built-in anti-red mode so you don’t need to worry about turning eyes red due to the flash. There’s also a tripod connection on the bottom if you prefer to use a tripod for ultimate stability.

Flip screen on the camera

One of the best parts of this camera is the 3″ flip-up LCD screen. Anyone who vlogs or films their lives knows how important it is to make sure you’re getting the right angles with your filming. The flip camera also points toward your face if you’re filming yourself as you walk, which any vlogger knows the importance of.

Using the SEREE camera

This camera is built for beginners and people without the technical skills that some camera require. Anyone of any experience level should be able to operate this camera. This camera also has built-in anti-shake technology so you can capture pictures and videos while you move without blurring all of your content. The camera has an accompanying app so you can control the camera from your phone. For easy file transferring, it has a USB cable so you can import your photos and videos quickly.

If you need to bring the camera and charge it on the go, it can be charged using a power bank. That makes it an ideal camera for traveling or bringing with you on long journeys.


  • HD 2K video resolution
  • 24MP picture resolution
  • Connects to WiFi for full operation from your phone
  • Retractable flash
  • Anti-red for no red eye in pictures
  • Has a 2s and 10s timer
  • USB cables included
  • Can be charged via power bank
  • Supports SD card up to 32BG

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